Doing our bit for the planet is Pure Joie

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At Joie, we’re the best of both worlds – smiles and sunshine but serious about supporting others too. That’s why our core philosophy is to serve your family, our community, and our earth. So, to help keep you in the loop, we’ve launched Pure Joy – a one-stop spot where you can be educated on all the many ways we’re working for you, your family, and our planet.

Mother holding smiling baby in the air

We want your little ones to keep on smiling long after they’ve grown out of their baby gear, and that means doing our part to protect where they live and play. Nothing brings us more pleasure than spreading joy to the families around us – and that’s why our main priority is to return the favour. Every family out there faces a different set of challenges, and we’re grateful for having the opportunity to give back.

At Joie, we take our role in protecting your life now, and in the future, very seriously. Going above and beyond to exceed EU safety standards to keep your family content from that first trip home, to the first day of school and beyond, is engrained in our DNA now. Your baby gear should work hard for you every single day. And that’s why we make sure to push our products to the extreme during testing, so that they’re up for any challenge that you may face.

Mum smiling whilst holding baby boy

It goes without saying that baby gear manufacturers care deeply about the wellbeing of children. But for Joie, it’s much more than that! As a brand, we cherish the importance of families, and that’s why we work hard day in, day out, to fly the flag for their value, welfare and future.

For Joie, profits have taken a back seat – and we’re more than ok with that if it means supporting the greater cause. Instead, we focus not only on the families of our customers, but their employees and the community, as well as the earth that facilitates everything we enjoy in life.

Mum holding sleeping baby whilst dad smiles lovingly

Pure Joy is a place where everyone who’s part of the Joie family can always be in the know about how Joie is doing its bit for you, your family, and the earth. Not only will you learn about how we’re supporting the environment, but the steps we’re taking to make our products more sustainable, safer, and ultimately a more ethical choice for shoppers.

And there’s more where that came from! If you’d like to find out more, the Pure Joy microsite has more to tell about the wonderful work we’re doing to protect your little ones’ future.

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