A Guide to Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

Cute baby in Santa hat with big blue eyes holding a present

Your little one’s first Christmas will be one of the most memorable times to date. Whilst they’ll be too young to understand the celebration, having a teeny cutie smiling away, along with your baby’s first Christmas stocking filled with presents, makes the day more magical than usual. Not to mention the fact that you can dress them up in a baby Christmas outfit whether you go for elf or Santa, just make sure to prepare for cuteness overload!  

However, with your cherub being so tiny, it can be hard to think of the right present for their first-ever Christmas. Especially because they’ll have no doubt been showered with tons of gifts from everyone else around them. In this case, you may find that opting for a mix of practical and fun gifts may be the way forward, when it comes to deciding what to buy as your baby’s first Christmas gifts. Thankfully, we have the perfect gifting ideas that your babe will love and treasure for years to come, so that they indeed have a very merry Christmas.  

Cute baby smiling in Santa hat and red and white onesie holding a present whilst surrounded by Christmas present and decorations

First Christmas Gifts for Baby 

  1. Sentimental Baby Christmas Gifts 
Mum and baby in Santa hats holding a bauble

Your little one isn’t going to remember what you bought them for their first Christmas. However, if you want it to give something that they’ll be able to look back on in the future, there are plenty of sentimental baby Christmas gifts to give your cherub. And when they’re older, they’ll thank you for it because they’ll have something they can treasure forever.  

  • Engraved Christmas decoration 

One of the most exciting traditions that comes with Christmas – decorating the house and Christmas tree. There are plenty of gorgeous Christmas decorations you can purchase. However, nothing will get your cutie into the festive spirit more than an engraved Christmas decoration with your babe’s name on it. And what better time to gift this to your little one than their first Christmas – it makes it even more special! Why not go for a Christmas bauble? In the future, when you’re preparing your home for the festivities, you can use your baby’s first Christmas bauble for the tree, and both be reminded of the sentiment behind it. Better yet, when your sweetheart is all grown up, they may even use it on their own Christmas tree so the tradition can live on for years to come!  

  • Silver coin for their birth year 

When shopping for your baby’s first Christmas presents, a silver coin for the year they were born can be a really unique gift. Yes – they won’t appreciate this as much when they’re a teeny tiny human. However, it’s a gift that will definitely stand the test of time. Aside from being a precious item, you’ll be able to buy one for the current year which makes it all the more special. After all, there’s nothing more sentimental than a gift that’s personalised!  

  • Book of letters 

Getting your family and friends to write a letter to your little cutie is an incredibly thoughtful gift. They can read these in the future and be reminded of all the love they were surrounded with as a baby. Plus, it may be the case that some of these loved ones aren’t around when your sweetheart enters their teen or adult years. Therefore, having a sentimental gift like this to open when they’re older will certainly be priceless. 

  1. Smart Baby Christmas Gifts 
Mum and her children sat by Christmas tree reading a book

Little ones want to be showered with toys at Christmas. However, sometimes it may be a smarter idea to gift your baby with a present that’s beneficial and practical, or something that will benefit them later in life.  

  • Invest in their future 

If you’re really struggling with gift ideas but want to give your babe something that’ll benefit them later in life, a forward-thinking present could be to open a savings account for them. Whilst it may not be as exciting a gift for a child as a toy would be, it’s something that they’ll thank you for, later in life. Plus, over time, it may even build up into a nice lump sum, that you can gift them with on a milestone birthday like their 18th or 21st!  

  • Baby rocker/bouncer 
Baby rocker featured in a plain white room

More on the pricier side but definitely a worthwhile investment, why not consider buying your babe a rocker/bouncer for their first Christmas? It’s fun and practical at the same time! If comforting your little one seems impossible sometimes, a rocker is the perfect gift because it does the job for you – it’ll rock your babe away until they’ve settled down. There’s plenty of rockers/bouncers to choose from, so there’s something for every little one. And best of all, it also lasts from baby to big kid, so it can be used and enjoyed for many years to come. 

  • Nappy stacker 

Whilst it’s not so much of a fun present on your baby’s first Christmas, it’s definitely practical and smart. And you can purchase one that’s aesthetically pleasing to look at it, So, fear not! It can still be a cute solution to keeping nappies organised, whilst looking fab in any nursery. 

  1. Fun Baby Christmas Gifts 
Cute baby smiling whilst in a Santa costume

Fun Christmas gifts always go down a treat – and it’s what every child wants as a present. There are plenty of fun present ideas for your little one’s first Christmas to keep them and the whole family entertained.  

  • Christmas bib 
Reindeer bib

Why not get your baby a bib to wear at the table whilst you’re all tucking into your Christmas dinner? Best of all, you can even get one that’s personalised with your cherub’s name, or even just ‘My first Christmas dinner’ – trust us, it’ll be super adorable. Don’t forget to have your camera on hand too, you’ll definitely want to document this moment!  

  • Baby Christmas outfit 

Getting new pyjamas is a Christmas tradition for most families. Find a pair that’s extra special because your baby’s first Christmas onesie needs to be one to remember. There’s not much you can go wrong with here, from reindeer jammies to snowmen jammies – your babe will be the cutest Christmas miracle in town. You could even go the extra mile and get a matching set for the whole family! The photos will be amazing to look back on especially with your newest member of the clan in them.  

If you don’t want to go down the pjay route this Christmas, there’s plenty of other baby Christmas outfits to consider for their first festive season. If you’re looking for a baby girl Christmas outfit, think bows, frills and sparkles. Or even a baby Christmas pudding outfit, if you want to inject even more Christmas spirit this year. However, if this isn’t quite your thing but you still want something evocative of the season, go for a simple baby Christmas dress in red. Just don’t forget the Santa hat! 

When it comes to choosing your little boy’s first Christmas outfit, you can’t go wrong with a cute Santa onesie. However, if you’re looking for something completely unique and with a little more personality, why not go for something based on a film? If your family happen to be Star Wars fanatics, go all out with a baby Yoda Christmas jumper. Or maybe Elf is a family favourite film, so you can all get kitted out in elf suits for a Christmas to remember.  

Either way, whatever you dress your babe in, they’re sure to steal the show in their first Christmas outfit.  

  • Stacking/sorting toys 

If you want a fun but educational present for your tiny human, stacking/sorting toys are perfect for entertaining and stimulating babies visually and mentally. They normally feature bright and bold colours so little ones can engage in reasoning and creative thinking whilst developing their motor skills and hand-eye coordination. And mum and dad can use these toys to guide their babes in learning about concepts like colour, size, counting and more.  

  • Rattles 

Soft, handmade crocheted rattles make for the perfect first toy or to add to a stocking as your baby’s first Christmas present. From unicorns to zoo animals, there’s plenty of amazing designs to make this gift a unique one. Not to mention they’re the perfect size for teeny hands and are great as sensory toys.  

From adorable outfits to special keepsakes, with our Christmas gifts ideas for your babe’s first of the festive fun, you’ll be sure to make it a special one. Just keep in mind that this time of the year, especially their first Christmas, is all about making memories. And whilst showering them in gifts is wonderful, don’t forget your baby’s first Christmas card too – you can both look back on it for years to come. And without further ado, let the festivities begin!  

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