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The Top Milestones in Your Baby’s First Year

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The next 12 months are going to be super special. There will be millions of questions running through your mind like when will my baby smile or when do babies sit up? Your baby is going to learn, hit many milestones and it’s going to be incredible to watch! From their first word to the first time they start crawling about; this is going to be your biggest adventure yet! There will be many cuddles, bonding time and love. However, they’ll also be followed by tear tantrums and changing nappies. Nevertheless, this all part of parenthood and you should cherish every single moment. Read on for a guide on those precious firsts, when they’ll happen and how to capture the moment.

Smiles and laughter

After two months of restless nights and 24/7 lulling, you’ll have seen your little one’s crying face many a time. Now, you’re longing for that sweet smile. Normally, at 2 months they begin to respond to you by smiling! There are many ways to trigger this delightful moment. The sound of your voice or your face is all it takes to trigger their grin.

Be prepared to get used to the sound of your baby crying at first. Don’t worry though, a few months down the line and you’ll be rewarded with a treat. By the time they’re 4 months, you can look forward to another sound, perhaps the purest you’ll ever hear – their giggles.

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The perfect night’s sleep

A milestone all parents look forward to is that first, full night’s sleep. In a dream world, you’d want your newborn to sleep all night. However, it’s unrealistic and in fact, unhealthy to hope for this. Though, relief is not far away! By 4-6 months, most little ones are capable of snoozing all through the night.

When can babies sit up

Tots spend a lot of their time on their belly at first. Around 5 or 6 months, most can sit up with assistance – both by resting on their hands or against furniture. Normally, by 7-9 months, babies can sit up on their own without a parents help.


Happy crawling baby

If you’ve got an 8-month-old baby, get ready for the toughest workout of your life! You’ll find yourself chasing your suddenly, very energetic tot around the house. By 9 months, most little ones can crawl using both hands and feet. Although, be aware that some never actually crawl. Instead, they prefer to wriggle around. Crawling is not an essential milestone. Infants who want to scoot about still tend to achieve other milestones on time.

Waving ‘bye-bye’

The wave is actually a very important milestone. It’s not just a cute, little gesture – it’s a genuine understanding of language. By 9 months, most tots start to make the link between noises, actions, and the meaning behind it. At this time, your little one begins to recognise that waving is linked to the phrase “bye-bye.”

Finger food

There comes a time where babies are ready to start feeding themselves. Between 9-12 months, they build better control over their hands and fingers. This makes it easier to grab any object in sight – like finger foods! Unfortunately, they’ll probably want to put everything they see in their mouth. So, when they reach this stage, environmental safety should become top priority for parents.

Standing up

It’s been a whole year of enjoying your precious angel’s company. By this time, they may be able to stand without support. They also to start to cruise about, holding onto furniture. In the time before they walk freely, babies may devote hours to cruising before they can master it properly.

The first word

The words any parent longs to hear is “mama” and “dada.” Nothing warms your heart more than hearing your baby call your own name. You can expect this happen around the one-year mark. By this time, most tots can say at least one real word and enthusiastically mimic others. Be prepared, it won’t be long until your little one is saying absolutely everything on their mind!

Ways of capturing the special moments

Knowing when to take a picture or record a video isn’t an easy task. Having a few, unique ways in mind to capture your baby’s milestones, helps to alleviate that pressure.

  1. Create an email account
    Make a new email account for your little one. Then, whenever you’ve got a quick moment, send a quick email accounting the day you’ve had together and attach a photo or video. When your sweetheart grows up, they can go through all the memories you’ve documented for them.
  2. Write milestones on a calendar
    A calendar is a great and accurate way to keep up to date with the goals they reach. You can document things like the first time your child lost a tooth and be confident about the exact date.
  3. Keep a journal
    Writing a diary for your little one is a very sentimental way to document milestones. You can express feelings and describe moments in detail. This way you can look back and relive those feelings in the future.

These milestones are goals for you and your little one to focus on during their first year. Keep in mind, your baby might be ready for some sooner and others later. There’s no rush, just take it easy and enjoy this momentous time in your child’s life. If it takes longer for your baby to reach any of the milestones, don’t panic! Just enjoy this momentous time in their life to grow and learn together. You’ll never get these years back.

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