What do you need from a Changing Bag?

KK Polka Changing Bag

Ah, the humble changing bag. Often over looked, undervalued and mostly, sicked upon!

But the changing bag is one of the essential items needed for a new parent – with handy compartments such as storage for wet clothing and a place to store everything possibly needed for a trip out of the house, for both you and baby, a changing bag is something you simply can’t leave home without!

So what should you look for in a changing bag?
Most parents buy a changing bag that matches their pram or travel system, but although the colour scheme will match, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will suit your needs.

Look for a bag that has an insulated bottle holder inside if you are bottle feeding – this will keep your bottle upright whilst you are out and about and hopefully prevent any spills. The insulation will also help to keep the bottle warm or cold as appropriate.

Another thing to look out for is a few separate compartments – you’ll want one for wet clothing, one for your purse ad keys (if you aren’t taking your own bag), one for any medicines and space to store a travel changing mat, too.

Essentials to pack away in changing bag
Once you have the changing bag of your dreams, it’s time to start filling it with all of the essentials you are going to need, such as:

  • Wet wipes, nappies and nappy bags
  • Bottom cream, just in case of a rash. Top tip; if you buy a handy travel size tub or sample size, you will take up less room in your changing bag 🙂
  • Change of clothes – it’s bound to happen at least once. (Alright, we know more than once, but we can be optimistic!)
  • Snacks / milk
  • Dummies, in a sterilised container or tub
  • Toys – in case you are out for a while and you need to entertain your little one!
  • List of phone numbers, emergency contacts, medical conditions – for both you and the baby. One thing motherhood has taught us is that you can never be too sure or safe!

Kiddies Kingdom Favourites…
We have a wide range of changing bags available such as our fab Deluxe Polka Dot Bag, the trendy Caboodle Fun & Funky Changing Bag and the timeless classic Koto Leatherette Changing Bag.


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