5 Pushchair Accessories Not to Be Without

So, you’ve found the perfect pram. Now, you’re thinking what else do I need to for hassle-free outings with the little one? There’s an abundance of baby pushchair & pram accessories. It can be tricky to know which accessories are best suited to yours and your baby’s needs though. This is especially as they change with the seasons.

At this time of year, you need to contemplate how to winter-proof your tot’s wheels. From cosy footmuffs and blankets, to convenient safety features like buggy locks, we bring the top five accessories, to make your pushchair go the extra mile.

Birdseye view of a person's hands pushing a pushchair

  1. Footmuff

No-one likes the cold, especially your little one. Babies tend to cool down rapidly when in a pram during the winter months. A footmuff will work wonders here! We recommend purchasing one that will fasten firmly to your buggy. This will reduce the risk of it sliding off into pesky puddles or snow. Why not invest in the Maxi Cosi 2in1 Winter Footmuff? It will ensure your tot is always warm and snuggly when on the move. Its fleece lining also protects against rainy and windy days. This accessory is not one to be left out!

  1. Changing bag

You can’t leave the house without your baby’s changing bag. So, it’s important to buy one that you like. Look for a good materialled product, with lots of storage compartments. Being organised and efficient is essential when having an unpredictable tot! The bag should be able to store all your little one’s essentials on your outings. However, that doesn’t mean you need to go for a large, bulky bag that’s hard to carry. Changing bags come in a range of sizes and cool styles!

Our top tip is to opt for one with straps that attach to the stroller. This way you won’t struggle having to carry everything, whilst also trying to keep control of your sweetheart and the pram. Our Pink Lining Wonder Bag is not only economical, but its patterned and stylish. Better yet, it can be carried in three ways – a tote, rucksack or attached to your pram.

  1. Raincover

English weather can be very unpredictable, and also very rainy! So, when it comes to baby pushchair and pram accessories, a raincover is essential. This will ensure your little one is protected from heavy showers. Keep you and your tot well equipped with the ABC Design Universal Raincover.

  1. Carrycot

Your baby needs to be safe and comfortable. So, a lightweight and portable carrycot becomes necessary. Carrycots will allow your tot to lay down flat. This is crucial for spinal development and optimal breathing. An extra bonus is that your life as a mum will be much easier, when it comes to moving a sleeping child! Our Out ‘n’ About Nipper carrycot is trendy, easy to manage and uber comfy.

  1. Buggy Board

A buggy board is a god send for all! It clips onto the back of a pram, so even siblings around two to five years of age can ride along for added fun. Some strollers already come with this feature. Don’t panic though if yours doesn’t! It’s worth investing in one as they are a lot cheaper and less bulky than a double pram. We recommend the Lascal BuggyBoard Maxi  as it fits 99% of pushchairs. So, you won’t have to worry about buying a new one, if you decide to switch buggies!

A blonde toddler stood up holding onto a pushchair and looking to the camera

These baby pushchair and pram accessories are ideal for most types of strollers. There are many things to take into consideration, like storage, practicality, weather conditions and keeping your tot entertained on the go. Our list above should offer a helping hand, on how to best accessorize your little one’s travel buddy.


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