Car Seats for Every Budget: Affordable Options for Parents

Did you know that parents in the UK averagely spend £12,540.02 on their children each year? That is a chunky stack of cash no matter how much you earn, so it’s important to make wise decisions when purchasing essentials for your child. The purchasing decision isn’t just important from a cash flow perspective but also a safety one. With the use of a proper car seat reducing the risk of injury by 71-82%, we are sure you will agree it’s vital to choose a model that ticks all the boxes. 

In this article, we will give you a run-through of selecting the right car seat for your budget by sharing some brilliant products that are ideal for any bank balance.

Birth - 15 Months

Birth - 4 Years

Birth - 11 Years

What to Consider When Choosing a Car Seat?

Before we start sharing some car seat options for every budget, we wanted to share the considerations you must plan for. As with any purchase, it’s always best to enter the buying process with a specification of what you are looking for. Below, we have gathered a list which can light the flames of thought for you.

Safety Testing

Before starting to shop for a car seat, you should understand UK safety testing regulations. You will need to look for only European-tested car seats, which include a logo of passing, as these are legally required across the UK.

Child’s Age, Height and Weight

Another thing to assess is the child’s height, weight, and age, which will dictate the model you should select. i-Size seats require the child’s height to be the determining factor when selecting a seat. To meet these needs, you can either choose models based on your child’s current size or look for an all-ages option that can adjust as the child grows. Click the link to learn more about R129 car seats and their importance in our blog.

Type of Seat

You should also familiarise yourself with many different forms of car seats before starting to shop for one, as there are many options to select from. These include the following:

Age and size-based seats Most car seats will be defined by the maximum height and weight, along with the recommended age for which they are designed. These seats include adjustable features to ensure an optimal position for the child. Some models will be suitable for certain periods, whereas others are ideal for the duration of a child needing a seat (from birth to 12 years or 135cm in height, whichever comes first)

Booster seats These options are for older children and do not include back support. Instead, they are installed to simply allow the child to meet the car’s headrests and seat belt heights for a safe fit. These must be correctly installed and adjusted as the child grows to ensure they are supported entirely by the car’s built safety features.

Rear-facing and extended rear-facing seats In the UK, it’s law that children must be rear-facing whilst travelling when they are 15 months old. This is because being secured in this position is essential for reducing injuries should an impact take place. Extended car seats allow children to remain in a rear-facing position until they are older to keep this safety aspect in place for longer.

Spinning seats Another option for car seats you will notice is the 360-degree rotation model. These make it simple to place a seat in both rear and forward-facing positions and ensure ease of fitting and removal.

Fitting Method

You should also consider the installation method, which should be ISOFIX compatible. This is the case for all newer vehicles. If you have an older car model, you can use an ISOFIX base to ensure a safe installation.

Is It a Good Idea to Buy a Car Seat Second Hand?

We understand that cost-saving is important, so we thought it important to include this point in the article. Buying second-hand is completely fine, but you must make some considerations to ensure the seat is still fit for purpose. This includes ensuring all the adjustability features work correctly, and the seat has ISOFIX fittings. Furthermore, only car seats with the European E marking are allowed in the UK, so some older, second-hand seats will no longer be legally compliant.

Car Seats for Infants

Ensuring that your baby is safe in a car seat is essential. This includes them being rear-facing and properly supported with in-built guards that always keep them in the right position. Below are a few options to suit every budget that is ideal for keeping a newborn up to a 15-month-old safe whilst travelling.

Joie Juva Classic Group 0+ Infant Carrier  £44.75 – Suitable for babies up to a weight of 13kg, this seat offers an affordable way to keep a young passenger safe.

Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna Car Seat £209 – Ideal for every form of travel from road to air, this lightweight carrier is comfort ensured thanks to its premium merino wool insert.

Silver Cross Dream i-Size Group 0+ with Isofix Base £425 – This model is perfect for a luxurious option that screams premium. Thanks to its sleek design, child-supporting features and award of the safest car seat ever tested by independent testing body ADAC, this seat offers complete peace of mind.

Car Seats for Toddlers

Babies turning into toddlers are likely to be even more reluctant to stay in one place. This means that getting them safely in a car seat can be complex. That isn’t the case with these products, which guarantee comfort that will relax your toddler during every journey.

Cozy N Safe Fitzroy Group 0+/1 Child Car Seat £64.99 – Suitable for children up to 4, or 18kg, this versatile model offers excellent value for money. 

Mountain Buggy Safe Rotate Isofix Car Seat £219 – This is a great example of a 360-degree rotation option that can support toddlers until age 4. Additional features to facilitate this include side impact protection and extended rear optimisation with additional legroom.

Nuna Norr I-Size Group 0+/1 Car Seat £395 – As a premium car seat option for toddlers, this model includes comfort-supporting features such as multiple position recline and headrest capabilities. Also Swedish Plus Tested, this seat is extremely safe and resistant to damage should a car accident occur.

Car Seats for Children

As children get older, they may start to not want to sit in a car seat which is why comfort is key. Legally, they must use a car seat until they are 12 years old or 135cm tall, which all of the following car seats can facilitate.

Graco Junior Maxi Group 2/3 Car Seat £45.00 – This comfortable seat mimics the styling of a normal car seat, offering a seamless blend with the car interior. The model is also adjustable and safety guaranteed.

Silver Cross Discover i-Size Group 2/3 Car Seat £157.50 – Suitable for children between 15kg to 36kg, this sleek car seat boasts an easy lock ISOFIX system, ergonomic seating and complete adjustability. 

Joie i-Plenti Signature Group 2/3 Car Seat £300 – Tested to the highest level of R129, this luxurious seat includes unique features such as a GrowTogether headrest, magnetic buckle holders and guard safety panels.

Car Seats for All Stages

Last but not least, we have gathered a few options that will support children from newborn to not needing a car seat anymore. These versatile options offer superb value for money, lasting up to 12 years as needed!

Kinderkraft I-Grow Group 0+/1/2/3 R129 I-Size Car Seat £129 – Every seating element is designed with growing children in mind, making it ideal for use at any age.

Amana Siena Twist 360 Spin i-Size Group 0+/1/2/3 Car Seat £175 – This seat showcases how 360° Rotation can make a parent’s life easier at any stage. Whether you have a crying newborn or a lively young teen, this seat makes usability simple.

Cosatto All in All Ultra 360 Rotate I-size £369.95 – This seat offers safety features, a comfortable design, and complete adjustability. With this model, parents can rest assured that there will be no need to repurchase a seat anytime soon.

Why Choose Kiddies Kingdom?

At Kiddies Kingdom, we specialise in supplying quality products for children. From car seats to toys and gifts, our website features curated collections designed to take the guessing work away from buying the best products.

When choosing a car seat, we understand the significance of the purchase. As well as wanting to guarantee safety, it’s also important to ensure budget needs are met as, let’s face it, children are expensive! By only supplying quality accessories, we have made it our aim to ensure that parents have a place to shop that has already done the groundwork for them.

Our car seats include safety advice and clear specifications and are supported by an expert team who can answer any questions. Once armed with the knowledge in this article and our extensive collection of car seats, selecting your perfect model is a breeze.

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