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Silly Summer Day Trips and Adventures with Baby

Growing up is all about adventures, discovery and new experiences, and who says that can’t start when you’re a newborn? We love to strap our little monkeys into their car seats, throw the changing bags in the boot and head out for a summer day of fun! Here are a few travel tips and adventure ideas from our own Kiddies Kingdom team and happy past customers.

Bright colours are stimulating to baby, so aquariums are perfect for inspiring a little marine biologist sense of adventure in little ones! Ok, so she’s only six months old, but those bright colours and fluid movements are like a visual hotbed of stimulation for her! A front-facing baby sling will mean she has a great view too.

A stroll in the park is one of easiest, most accessible ways to spend adventurous outdoor time with baby. Don’t forget the pushchair parasol to keep baby safe from the sun.

Baby may not know her Coldplay from her Mumford & Sons just yet, but arts and culture festivals can be superbly stimulating places for kids of all ages (mums and dads included!) Camping can be a nightmare, so just go along for the day.

Some babies are born water babies and would stay in the pool/sea/bath for eternity! Plan a nice day at the beach, head to the local pool or just get that paddling pool out on a super sunny day at home.

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