Travelling with Kids? Explore the Best Car Seats for Air Travel

With 40% of parents finding flying with children stressful, finding ways to eliminate worries and concerns is vital for still enjoying travel. One of the main things parents stress about is ensuring everything is packed for a seamless travel experience. One of the most important pieces of equipment is a car seat; without it, safely transporting children around can be difficult. 

Preparing for travel with a baby or older child does not have to be stressful. Whilst we cannot help you keep everyone entertained on a flight, one thing we can advise you on is the best products to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. 

In this article, we will explore the rules associated with air travel, share our top tips for bringing a car seat on a flight and recommend some products perfect for the task. 

Are You Allowed to Take Car Seats With You When Air Travelling?

Firstly, we can confirm most airlines allow you to bring a car seat on the plane. This will depend on a few factors, such as specific rules, sizing and safety certifications for the proposed model. To instantly check if a car seat is likely to be approved for travel, simply search for a sticker on the model which states ‘Certified For Use in Aircraft’.

It’s also essential to check with your airline before travelling as although a car seat may be safety-assured to travel; it is up to the individual companies to set their own rules. For example, some airlines instead provide their own seats for use during travel. The best action to take is to do your research, speak with the airline and ensure you have something in writing to guarantee that your car seat can be used in the cabin. Another consideration is that if you plan on using a car seat during travel, you must pay for an additional seat. You cannot just assume there will be an accessible seat, so booking a regular child fare is essential.

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Car Seats Recommended For Air Travel

When choosing a car seat for air travel, you should first make a few considerations. These are as follows:

  • Ensure that the car seat is approved for air travel. Models with this certification are more likely to fit the size and weight requirements that airlines request. 
  • It’s also important to look for a compact car seat that can be easily removed from a travel system if it’s a part of one. 
  • The car seat will also be less wide than a standard aeroplane seat as it still needs to be strapped. 
  • You should also select a comfortable and professionally designed product for infants or children safely. Car seats are designed to keep children in a safe position whilst travelling, which is still important during air journeys. 

Below, we have gathered a few months that fit the bill perfectly. 

If you are looking for something snug and comfortable, then the Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 Group 0+ Car Seat is ideal. This model is perfect for flying as it is compact, ergonomic and adjustable, meaning it can be safely installed in an aeroplane seat. The carry handle is also extremely useful, eliminating the chance of being left with a sore arm if carrying the seat through the airport.  

Another brilliant option is the Britax BABY-SAFE 3 i-SIZE, which is on our list due to its aeroplane compatibility and flat technology, allowing better travel adjustability. This car seat is ideal for newborns and babies thanks to its removable insert and 5-point harness system. If warmer climates await you, this seat is also brilliant as it includes a sun canopy and ventilation system to keep the young one nice and cool. 

The Bugaboo Turtle Air by Nuna Car Seat is a lightweight car seat, making it simple to transport. As well as having full adjustability for developing children, this car seat is brilliant for flying as it includes smart visor attachments. Allowing a cocoon-like nest to be created, parents adore this model for flying as it means the young one can get some shut-eye instead of causing havoc on the flight. 

Last but not least, we have the Cybex Aton M I-Size. Secure, smart and sleek, this car seat is a travel-ready accessory perfect for flying. The 11-position headrest offers more options for positioning than some other models, whilst the padded inlay makes for a comfortable place for young ones to rest during a flight. 

What are the Benefits of Taking a Car Seat for Air Travel?

You should now feel less stressed at the thought of taking a car seat on an aeroplane as getting the right model and doing your research can eliminate the worry in an instant. Some benefits of taking a car seat on a flight are as follows:

Improved Safety

Car seats are a brilliant way to keep young ones protected whilst flying. Not only will it keep the child in the best position, but it means they will not fall out of place if there is any turbulence. Having your car seat in hand also means the onward journey is simpler, with all car journeys being safety assured. Simply check the carrier in your base or faster into seats for safe travel. 

Familiarity Will Keep The Child Calm

It is estimated that parents have just 27 minutes to prevent a meltdown once a flight starts. Whilst entertainment, crafts and toys can play a huge part in the job, this may not be enough for younger children. Bringing a car seat onto a flight sends a message to the youngsters that they are safe and that the journey is no different to a car ride. Of course, they will know that the travel is different, but the sense of familiarity will provide comfort that should help.

No Chance of Being Lost

Another benefit of having your car seat close by is that there is no chance of it being lost. We have all been there at one point or another, getting to our destination, and our luggage has not made it. While it’s annoying for anyone, it’s even more stressful when the missing items are needed to maintain your child’s safety. By keeping it in the cabin, the entire travel process can be streamlined with some risk being mitigated.

Kiddies Kingdom Top Tips For Air Travel With a Car Seat

Now that you are clued up on the best car seats for travel and what to look for when choosing one, we wanted to wrap things up by sharing some handy tips for travelling with a car seat. At Kiddies Kingdom, we have chosen our collections based on safety, usability and practicality. All of these points make travel much easier, which is why you can fly calmly when using our products. 

Our top tips for taking a car seat onto a flight are the following:

  • Look at your prospective airline’s car seat policy before booking so that you are not left with any horrible surprises. 
  • Always buy a seat to ensure you have enough room available to fit the car seat next to you. The last thing you want is to have the seat rejected at the last minute.
  • If you bring a car seat, try to travel light with the rest of your cabin accessories. This means less to carry and stow and makes for a stress-free experience.
  • Take some time before you fly to understand how the car seat can be fitted for the flight. You must assess whether you need rear or forward-facing and understand how your seat fixings will integrate with a plane seat. You cannot install it as you would in a vehicle, but a robust fitting can be achieved using the seatbelt. The flight team will also be able to help you, but we all know how busy things are when boarding takes place, so it’s important not to rely on this. 
  • Select a model that has been flight-approved as this will be lightweight, easy to transport and suitable for fitting safely on a plane seat.
  • Don’t just rely on your child wanting to sit in the car seat for the entire time; unless it’s a short flight, we guarantee they will not want to. 

Why Choose Kiddies Kingdom?

At Kiddies Kingdom, we specialise in supplying quality products for children. From car seats to toys and gifts, our website features curated collections designed to take the guessing work away from buying the best products. 

When choosing a car seat, we understand the significance of the purchase. As well as wanting to guarantee safety, it’s also important to ensure budget needs are met as, let’s face it, children are expensive! By only supplying quality accessories, we have made it our aim to ensure that parents have a place to shop that has already done the groundwork for them. 

Our car seats include safety advice and clear specifications and are supported by an expert team who can answer any questions. Once armed with the knowledge in this article and our extensive collection of car seats, selecting your perfect model is a breeze. 

Do you still have a query? Contact our team today.

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