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How to know what size baby mattress to get

There is no ‘standard size’ baby mattress, the size and fit of the mattress depends on the cot, crib or moses basket you choose. It is crucial that, for safety reasons, you get the required size. It is recommended that until 6 months old babies sleep in their parents’ room, in their own crib or cot for safety reasons. Cots are manufactured differently depending on the supplier, brand and year it was manufactured. There are a number of things which affect the safety of a baby’s mattress and size is a key factor. Knowing what size cot bed mattress to choose is essential when buying a new mattress or cotAs it is national bed month it is the perfect time to share some key things which affect how you choose a baby mattress. 


The key issue with choosing the correct size baby mattress is gaps. There should be no gaps around the mattress as this provides space where the baby’s limbs can get stuck between the mattress and cot. The guideline for this is that there should be no more than a 3cm gap.  


The ideal mattress depth is 8-10cm as this provides your baby with necessary support for a peaceful and safe nights sleep. Mattresses for cribs and moses baskets will usually be thinner, this is to be expected.  


The size of mattress you choose depends entirely on the cot which you choose. In most cases the cot you choose will offer a mattress included or specify the size mattress required. You should choose the recommended size for the cot you choose as this is the safest option.  


Firm mattresses are safer and recommended. For this reason, second hand mattresses aren’t recommended as they tend to lose firmness after a few years. If you do choose to go with a second-hand mattress make sure to inspect it thoroughly; it should be firm, have no tears, be clean and have no hazardous attachments such as large zips. It is best to buy a new mattress if you do not know the history of a mattress, it is a worthwhile investment for the safety of your baby. 


There are different types of cot mattress you can chose; pocket sprung, spring interior, foam interior and travel cot mattresses to name a few. The different types tend to have different degrees of firmness. As mentioned earlier, firmness is key but personal preference will dictate which type of mattress you go for. You also want to ensure that the mattress is breathable as this will allow your baby to regulate their temperature; which allows them to have a better night’s sleep. 


Your mattress will remain in better and safer condition with the correct aftercare. It is important to remember to keep the mattress clean and dirt free. This makes for a healthier environment for your baby, with less chance of illness. You should also continually check for any loose material or zips which could be hazardous.  

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