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What to consider when buying your child, a bed.

Choosing the perfect junior bed for your small one to rest their adorable little head shouldn’t be taken lightly. Yes, of course you want it to fit within the décor of the rest of the room, but you also want to make sure it is the safest, comfiest and cosiest bed in the whole entire world. Because, not only do they deserve to lie on a something so wonderful, but maybe, just maybe, it will help them sleep through the night too!

So, what should you think about when buying your child, a bed?



First things first, cost. Before you think of any other aspect of your child’s bed you need to decide a budget. Prices range from about £70 to £1000. Whilst all beds are essentially the same, a place for your little one to sleep, cost are reflective of the quality of the material used, as well as the addition of extras, such as storage drawer’s underneath.


It’s important for growing bodies to be supported by the right mattress, and you may need to buy new children’s mattresses more regularly than you would for adults. Additionally, bunk beds and high sleeper beds tend to require lower mattresses to deal with the risk of younger sleepers falling out.



Kids grow up fast, likely to want to have friends round to stay more often – It’s always best to consider the option of space for guests too. Bunk beds, cabin beds, mid-sleepers or even a mattress under the bed are all good options.



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