Baby Travel Systems: Are They Worth It?

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When your bundle of joy is on the way, a travel system is expected to be at the top of your essentials list. To put it simply, it’s a buggy, compatible with an infant car seat, a toddler seat and in some instances, a carrycot.

This way you can move your little one from buggy to car, without the hassle of getting them out of the car seat. However, you may be thinking – is a travel system worth it?Every parent’s preference differs, but travel systems can save you heaps of time and energy.

There’s an abundance of models, features and safety regulations to consider. So, what should you look out for when purchasing one? We’ve put together a specially made guide, so you’ll feel confident when it comes to making your decision.

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Do I need to consider my baby’s age?

Generally, it’s advised to use a carrycot with a newborn. It’ll take some months before your new arrival can sit up by themselves. There’s lots of buggies that’ll be the perfect match, for when your child can sit independently. It’s without doubt, that your bundle of joy will come with lots of equipment, especially when you take them out. From nappies to toys, you’re going to need a lighter and more efficient buggy for daily use.

What are the different types of travel systems?

Prams, buggies, pushchairs and strollers will be the discussion of every new parent’s chats. Luckily, we’ve got an extensive range of travel systems for you to choose from. However, is there really a difference between the different types? The answer is yes! So, what are the differences?

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They’re designed for newborn babies until they’re six months. Your little one will be spending most of their time lying flat in this period. So, a pram is perfect for this reason! They’re usually parent-facing, so you can keep an eye on your tot and make those all-important loving bonds. Prams come with a bassinet or carrycot, and in some cases, you’ll be able to fold them flat. Better yet, most can be converted into a pushchair when needed. The Cybex Priam Rose Gold 6pc Travel Bundle is the perfect buy for any first-time mummies and daddies. It’s versatile, easily converting into a carrycot, making it suitable from birth. Plus, older babies from 6 months can use the seat system, to sit upright and take in the world surrounding them.


Typically durable and more likely to be customised for toddlers, pushchairs are normally forward-facing and fully reclinable. This always ensures your sweetheart’s comfort. The Silver Cross Spirit 2in1 Travel System is specially designed for convenience and relaxation. This advanced pushchair is both forward and parent-facing. So, you can get lots of important eye-contact in with your tot, when you’re out and about. 


These are more lightweight and portable. They’re perfect for older babies, or for when you’re on the road. However, not all strollers are appropriate for newborns. So, make sure to check before you buy one! We recommend the BabyStyle Cabi Stroller. As, it’s fit from birth to the age of three. Its multi-position recline and single-handed compact system, make it a purchase that you shouldn’t miss out on!

What should I consider?

One of the most important things to contemplate is your lifestyle. How often will you use your buggy? Where will you be going with it? Will it fit in the boot of your car? These are questions you should be asking, when it comes to making your decision.

If you’re an active family, you’ll want to consider purchasing a travel system that has “all-terrain” features. Most buggies include suspension too, for a smooth-sailing ride outdoors. More importantly, children, whatever age they are, can be extremely messy! So, look for a travel system, where covers are easily detachable for washing. We recommend taking whichever pushchair you’re considering, for a test spin. A quick wheel around the store will tell you if it’s easy to manoeuvre and how heavy it is.

Is a travel system worth it?


  • Move your tot from car to pushchair without waking them up
  • One-time purchase: you can get a pushchair, car seat and carrycot all in one
  • Forward-facing to keep an eye on them
  • An assortment of styles, prices, and configurations


  • Need to purchase another car seat when your baby outgrows their first one
  • Models vary so difficult to fit the car seat to the pushchair frame (try before you buy)
  • Bulkier than the typical stroller

We love travel systems and the ease they bring. However, this mustn’t be at the cost of your little one’s security. So first, be sure to check the travel system you’re buying is safe. With our tips and advice, you should feel well-equipped to make an informed decision. Happy strolling!

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