Baby Twins

Travelling Summer Twins

Lucky you! You have twice the mischief, fun, cuddles and care! Twins are a superb blessing, and your little duo needn’t keep you from doing all the brilliant family activities your brood love when the summer rolls into town!

Planning for the Worst
Travelling with twins means more than just buying double the car seats and sleeping bags. The best advice we’ve gathered from all our customers is to plan your trips with military precision. Don’t rely on service stations or local convenience stores to have the things you need – plan well, prepare and then enjoy being pleasantly surprised when your tiny Algarve village does actually have Cow & Gate baby rice in the right flavour!

Twin Pushchairs
The Cosatto twin stroller range habitually ranks high on our customer feedback surveys; parents of twins love the bright, creative, practical design. Here in the Kiddies Kingdom showroom we’re split 50/50 – half our team reckon a twin stroller is the best way to streamline vacations with twins, especially if you’re a single parent or travelling with other little ones. But the other half swear by investing in two separate strollers, especially if you’re travelling somewhere with smaller pavements and lots of crowds. Two adults, each responsible for a twin, form a great team when tantrums, delays and travel disasters happen!

Be Last
It’s a parental trick that’s great for all kids! Board the plane last – get off the plane first, board the coach last – less time onboard for grumpy babies to get bored!

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