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Top Tips for New Grandparents

Becoming a Grandparent is an amazing experience and one you may have been hoping for, for a while now. Being a grandparent is very different to being a parent and it comes with new experiences and new challenges. It is important that as a new grandparent you think of the parents and their wishes when it comes to their new baby. It can be easy to become over excited and there are a few common mistakes a lot of new grandparents make. In order to avoid this, we’ve put together a list of top tips to help you on your journey as a new grandparent.


Respect Boundaries

Everyone parents differently and you may have a whole host of opinions on how to raise a child but it is important to remember it is the job of the new parents to raise their child as they see fit. In the early days after birth, especially, it is important to respect their choices and avoid offering your opinion on their choices. Unless asked directly it is best to avoid giving unsolicited advice and opinions to the new parents as this could lead to unnecessary issues. Let the new parents figure it out for themselves; they may make mistakes, but this is helpful as they learn to be parents.

Follow Rules Set by The Parents

Similarly, it is essential that you follow any rules set by the parents. When it comes to parenting, you’re used to being the one in charge, however your child is now in charge as this is their baby. Make sure you stick to the baby’s routines as set out by the parents in order to avoid a cranky baby or disruption to their home routine; they won’t be grateful if the baby is waking up at all hours because you messed up the routine. Similarly, if they ask for specific rules to be followed, it is best to adhere to them as this is their child; if they ask for no phones or computers whilst you look after the baby you should follow their wishes.

Hold Back on The Shopping

As a new grandparent you will undoubtedly want to spoil your grandchild, but it is better to consult with the parents before going on a shopping spree. You don’t want to be buying duplicate items or items which are completely unnecessary. Again, this is another area where you should respect the parent’s choices; some may be grateful for anything whereas others may have a specific list of things they need.

Offering Help

It can sometimes be difficult as a new parent to admit you need help, so it is a good idea to offer it. For some, they may not take kindly to this but as long as you respond with kindness that is all you can do. Anything you can do to help is appreciated; whether it be doing the ironing or watching the baby whilst the new parents take a nap. Sometimes doing a little to help without offering is even necessary; just be careful not to push the boundaries and respect the parents.

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