Christmas Presents and Traditions

Christmas Traditions

We love Christmas here at Kiddies Kingdom, and it seems we are not alone! The UK is a nation of Christmas lovers, all succumbing to the festive movies, decorating the house and of course, cards and presents!

In this blog, we take a look at some of the Christmas traditions we like to take part in…

Christmas Tree
Most families and households have Christmas trees – sometimes more than one! Decorating the tree and the house is generally a family affair, with old and new decorations coming together. Over recent years, the numbers of households decorating the outsides of their houses has increased also. We are talking flashing lights, blow up Santa’s and light up reindeer all in the front garden!

We British like keeping tradition; it’s just something we do! The tradition of having a wreath on the door still remains strong, as does the traditions surrounding holly, ivy and mistletoe.

The Big Switch On!
Thousands of people gather for the annual Christmas lights switch on in villages, towns and cities up and down the country. Typically starting in November, lights are switched on, marking the unofficial start of the Christmas celebrations and shopping period. The biggest lights switch on in the UK is on Oxford Street – this year switched on by Kylie Minogue.

School Productions
Many schools and preschools hold their own take on the Christmas story with plays, productions and nativities. Church services also run over Christmas, and Carol Services are particularly popular, even for non-religious people.

Father Christmas
Of course, Christmas isn’t complete without a visit from the big man himself! Tradition calls for children to leave a little something for Father Christmas and his trusted head reindeer, Rudolf. Mince Pies and a small shot of brandy are popular for Father Christmas and Rudolf is treated to a carrot and glass of milk. What do you leave out for Father Christmas?

Of course, Christmas is different in every house – we would love to see how you celebrate this festive time of the year! Send us your photos!

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