It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

father christmas
Now that we are fast approaching the most wonderful time of the year, children around the world will be getting more and more excited at the fact that Santa Claus or Father Christmas will very soon be on his way, delivering present to the children on the nice list worldwide.

Santa Claus is generally described and viewed as a portly, jolly, happy older man, with a long snow white beard. Santa addresses in a red outfit with black boots and a huge sack of presents, delighting many children!
Santa Claus is also known as many other names in western culture, such as Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle or just simply Santa and as Christmas Eve approaches, traditional around the world as to how the children celebrate the arrival of Santa differ:

In America and Canada children generally tend to leave out a glass of milk and a large plate of cookies so that Santa can enjoy a nice drink and cookie before setting off to other households.

In Britain and Australia, the milk is still offered to Santa with the addition of a mince pie and a carrot for Rudolf the head reindeer.

In Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands, children instead leave out a bowl of rice pudding topped with cinnamon sugar and in Ireland, Guinness is left with a mince pie and Christmas pudding.

Most children believe that Santa lives in the North Pole with many worker elves and his reindeers – during the rest of the year, Santa works hard on the presents for the children for that Christmas and as the big day approaches, all of the elves help to tie everything together.

It is also thought by children that Santa has a list of every naughty and nice child in the world, so he knows who to deliver presents to on Christmas Eve – and this is used by parent globally as a form of threat, we are sure!

There comes an age however when children understand that Santa is not real, and join in with us on the grown up side of the fence to enjoy the thrill of watching the look that appears on little children’s faces when they start believing in the big red man and countdown to Christmas!


Have a very Merry Christmas from all at Kiddies Kingdom!


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