Baby at Christmas

Your Baby’s Routine Over Christmas

Christmas is an exciting time of the year especially if you have a new baby.
With a lot of travelling to see family and busy days and nights, the potential for a broken routine and a grumpy baby is high!
However we think the best advice we can give, is to stick to your routine as much as possible over the festive period – even though that might be harder than it sounds!

Here are our top tips for helping your baby over the festive period…..

Check her temperament in the lead up to Christmas
With flashing lights, Christmas decorations and other strange objects around the house she has grown to know, you might find that your baby is a little out of sorts. If this is the case, try not to overwhelm her further with Christmas activities, and be sure to turn the lights down at regular intervals. Some babies might not really express much of a change in the lead up to Christmas – all babies are different!

Plan Ahead
Write down your baby’s schedule on a piece of paper, and try as much as possible to plan around her routine. It really isn’t worth the days of drama after Christmas Day if she is grumpy from missing a few naps etc! Also, but writing the routine down, it’ll help when it comes to getting your significant other helping out over the Christmas period!

Pack Essentials!
If you are going somewhere else for Christmas Day, or an extended stay somewhere, look at your routine and work out what you need to take. Perhaps your travel system can double up as a cot for her to nap in, a bouncer could prove very entertaining and a steriliser for bottles will be essential if you are bottle feeding! Don’t forget formula, dummy’s and changing essentials too!

Pass the Baby
It’s totally natural for friends and family to want to hold your baby – but don’t be afraid to take her back, or not hand her over if it is going to interfere with the routine. If she is due a feed, make sure she is fed – she will be a lot happier in the long run if she sticks to what she knows and wants!

And finally
If you are planning on nipping out and leaving her with family or in an environment that she isn’t familiar with, be sure to bring a few home comforts. A few toys from home and blanket that smells like home or you will help her to settle in your absence.

If you have any top tips to getting through the Christmas period with a baby, we would love to hear them! Let us know in the comments below 🙂

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