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What to Do on Your First Mother’s Day

Nothing quite matches up to your first Mother’s Day. The tradition dates all the way back to the Middle Ages. It began when those who had moved away, were granted permission, to visit their mothers on the fourth Sunday of Lent.

Today, it’s a day to shower all the wonderful mummies with love and appreciation. You’ve survived the sleepless nights, crying tantrums, and lots of dirty nappies! So, you deserve to be spoiled rotten. There’s lots of ways to make it special, for all the first-time mamas out there – even during a global pandemic!

Mum cradling new born baby

Lockdown Mother’s Day activities


If you’re normally the chef of the house, this is your time to sit back and relax. Why not order a takeaway from your favourite restaurant? Today is all about you – treat yourself! Or, let your partner take the reins and cook up a storm, on behalf of himself and your little one. The rules are simple – mum doesn’t cook or wash dishes on her special day. If you’re lucky – you may even get breakfast in bed!

Zoom party

The day can still be just as precious, even during lockdown! Why not include both yours and your partner’s mum in all the fun? Get on Zoom and celebrate Mother’s Day with all the fantastic mummies in the family. You can always make a party happen through technology! However, little ones may get restless. So, be sure to have lots of comfort toys at hand, to keep them entertained.

Make a memory box

You’ll want to treasure sweet memories made with your angel over the year. So, why not make a keepsake memory box? Take the time to look over all the lovely times you’ve shared together. Collect things like pictures, cute little socks they’ve grown out of and holiday souvenirs. One day, you can look back on all these things together and reminisce.

Plan a family picnic

If you’re lucky enough to get some sunshine this Mother’s Day, then get yourself outdoors! A picnic in the sun is a treat for all the family, minus the busyness of a restaurant. Venture out to a park nearby, prepare a child-friendly menu and don’t forget the sweet treats!

Document the day

A mum and her bundle of joy can never have too many photos together! If you want to make the photos look more authentic, get a polaroid camera and use real film. Snap selfies all through the day and ask loved ones to take cute photos of you both. Capturing the simple moments in life will be just as cherished. Whether it’s snuggles on the sofa or munching on finger foods together, you’ll want to capture these times!

new mum cradling a baby

The perfect gifts for mum

Whilst the world may look a little different right now, there’s still plenty of wonderful present ideas, to make Mother’s Day special.


A basket full of goodies is the perfect way, to say thank-you to an exhausted, first-time mummy. Whether mum’s a foodie, bookworm or loves a pampering – there’s a hamper for everyone. If you’re a dad looking to treat mum on behalf of your little one, this is the one!


Surprise mum with a pendant that has her angel’s name or initials engraved. If you’re thinking of having more kids in the future, leave some space to add more names! If your bub is teething, it’ll be more than likely they’ll want to grab and chew on it. Teething jewellery will save the day in this situation! This is one of our top gift ideas for a first-time mum. Everyone loves jewels!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mums everywhere – we hope your day is as special as you. Whatever way you decide to celebrate, give yourself a big pat on the back. You’re doing amazing!

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