What to Put in a Baby Hamper?

Buying a gift for a baby shower can seem like quite a daunting task, especially if it is your first shower or you’re not sure of exactly what the new mum is wanting. There are a few options for baby shower gifts, you may choose to go for a smaller keepsake and save a big present for after the birth, the new parents may have specified gifts they would like, or they may have asked for donations rather than gifts. However, if you’re a little lost on what to get for the mum-to-be a baby hamper tends to be a good way to go. It is a thoughtful and personalised way of gifting the mother and baby with an array of smaller items which may not have been thought of but are essential once baby comes.

So, you’ve decided to go for a baby hamper but now comes the task of what to put in it; if you’ve not had a baby yourself it can sometimes be difficult to know what to include or even if you have you don’t always know what other parents would like to receive as a gift. There are a number of different things you can include but in general there a few staple items which would be great to receive in a baby hamper.

Comfort Toy

Including a comfort toy in a baby shower gift is a nice keepsake for both mum and baby. Whether the mum-to-be keeps the toy as a memory or introduces it to her baby as its first toy, it will sure be remembered. Many children grow up with a specific toy or blanket that they’ve had from birth, so it is always a welcome and nice gift to receive as a baby shower gift.

Muslin Squares

A new mother can never have enough muslin squares, they are so versatile and really can be used for anything. From swaddling to cleaning up spills they come in handy all the time.

Baby Book

This is a nice keepsake for both mum and baby, it gives them a place to keep track of the babies’ milestones and the pregnancy. You can also include things like milestone cards so that the parents can take pictures of the babies first year and then these can be included in the baby book.

Other items which are commonly included in a baby hamper are things such as baby bath essentials including wash clothes, bubble bath, towels or bath toys. You can also include small necessities such as dummies, teething toys and bibs as they will always come in handy. You may want to include a blanket, toys or even a little pamper set for mum. After all the baby shower is for mum as well as baby so it always nice to include a little something for her as well. By creating a baby hamper, you have the opportunity to personalise the gift so you can include any little bits that you think the mum-to-be will appreciate or need.


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