Everything You Need to Know About Baby Eyesight

Everything You Need to Know About Baby EyesightIn the first few months of their life, a baby’s eyesight will change and develop a great deal. From fuzzy and barely there vision to being able to recognise people and objects across the room by around 8 months. It is important to be aware of the changes expected in a baby’s eyesight so that you can understand how and what they can see at certain stages in their development. It is fairly common to wonder how well babies can see as it does take a little while for them to be able to focus their vision.


Baby glaring

Newborn Babies

When babies are first born, their vision is largely going to be quite fuzzy and blurred. However, they should be able to make out certain things such as movement, shapes and light. They can however generally make out the face of the person holding them, which makes your face the most interesting sight for them to see. They can also have their attention drawn by objects which are highly contrasting as these are slightly easier to make out for them.

1-2 Months

Over the first couple of months of their life, babies will start to focus their eyes and generally by 2 months they can focus both eyes. They can also track a moving object; something which some babies can do from birth however it depends on the individual. You can incorporate activities which help your baby focus their eyes into play time; anything from passing a toy in front of their eyes for them to track or moving yourself closer and further from them. At this age babies generally will be able to focus on your eyes and playing this game can help develop their eyesight.

2-4 Months

Between 2 and 4 months old your baby will start to develop the ability to differentiate between colours and even between similar shades. This is a great time in their development to start to show them brightly coloured objects, as they will likely take an interest in primary colours. Anything from bright picture books or cards to large brightly coloured toys such as building blocks.

5-8 Months

As your baby approaches 5 months and beyond they will begin to improve at spotting a larger range of colours, included lighter shades and pastel colours. In addition to this they should be starting to focus on and spot smaller objects. You can start to include other colours in play time to encourage this.

9-12 Months

By around 9 months your baby’s vision should be developed enough that they can now see and focus on objects and people from across the room. They will also start to be able to judge distances well and even be able to throw things with precision.

If you are at all worried about your baby’s developing vision, you should speak to your doctor however it is important to remember babies do develop at a slightly different rate.

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