Making the Move from Cot to Bed

It feels like just yesterday that you were delicately placing your tiny newborn into their Moses basket, but the time has finally come for your little baby to move into their big kid’s bed. As scary as it seems, once your child is used to their new bed, they will love how grown-up it feels. 

The transition can be tricky, some children take to it straight away, whilst others hate it. If that is the case then there is nothing wrong with stopping for a few weeks and trying again, as they may just not be ready for the change quite yet.

However, there are certain things you can do to try and make the move as smooth as possible. In this post, we aim to give you our top tips for making the move from cot to bed. 


Place their new bed in the same place in the bedroom as their cot used to be, and bring as many items from their cot into the bed, e.g. teddy bears, comforters etc (see safe sleep advice for babies). This will help make your child feel comforted, and surrounded by things that are familiar to them.

You’ll know yourself that if you’ve ever changed your bedroom around and put your bed in a different place it feels off to start with, but if you have ever bought a new bed and put it in the same place, it doesn’t feel as strange. This is the same experience your little one will have when they make the transition. 

Create a calming environment 

With a new big kid’s bed, it’s a lovely idea to re-vamp their bedroom a little too. It doesn’t need to be a full change up as again, it might be too much change too soon, but adding new accessories, new bedding, blankets and even a new night light can help your child to settle into their new big boy or big girl’s bed. 

In addition to this, if your child struggles to settle in their new bed, creating a calming environment by giving them a bubble bath, playing calming music and reading a book to them in bed all help them to feel comfortable and calm before bedtime. 

Make the change at the right time 

When is the best time to transition from cot to bed? Most parents choose to move their children from cot to bed between the ages of 18 months and 3.5 years. There is no perfect time to make the move so it is up to you as parents to decide when your little one is ready. 

Don’t rush the process

It may take some time for your child to adjust to their new sleeping arrangement. You might need to stay with them as they fall asleep for a while or expect them to wake up in the night during the transition period. The most important thing is that you are patient with them and try not to get frustrated. The best thing you can do is make them feel safe, protected and comforted. 

Another option is to allow for a gradual transition by setting up the bed in their room as well as their cot (if you have the space) so your little one can choose. You could also start with day naps in their new big bed and keep them in their cot at night for a gradual transition. 

Make it fun

The best way to help transition the move is to make your child excited about the new bed. Turn it into an event, with a countdown to the big bed day! You could even celebrate with a movie night, a day out somewhere to celebrate the move into a big bed. 

Involve your child in shopping for the new bed, allowing them to choose the style so they feel more in control of the situation. They can also choose the duvet covers, cushions and perhaps a new cuddly toy. The more involved they are with the process the more fun it will be for them. 

Buy a junior bed

There are more bed options these days for little people so it doesn’t need to be a big move from cot to single bed if you don’t want that. A great option is to choose a cot bed right from the beginning, which acts as a cot for when your baby is small and converts into a cot bed when they’re older. 

Cot beds 

This Tutti Bambini Modena Cot Bed has a beautiful contemporary design that combines a classic oak finish with modern white detailing. The Modena converts into a toddler bed and even a sofa bed making it the perfect choice for any nursery designed to grow with your little one. This cot bed is suitable from birth and will last them right up until around 6 years old with the sofa bed option. 

The Babymore Eva Sleigh Cot Bed is designed full of style and versatility. The classic curves complement both a traditional and contemporary scheme. This cot bed is made of solid pine wood and features every conventional function of a modern cot bed as it converts from a cot to a toddler bed, sofa or day bed. This bed is suitable from birth to around 4 years. 

By investing in a cot bed, the transition from cot to bed will be far smoother because the bed is the same. Simply take the sides down to create a more bed-like structure. 

Make sure they’re safe 

The most important thing is to make sure they’re safe in their new bed. Beds designed for the transition usually have rails or partial rails so your little snoozer doesn’t fall out in the night, but some children don’t need rails so consider what is best for your child.

 Some parents choose floor beds, which are beds that aren’t raised off the floor. Some themed beds such as car beds usually have raised sides also. Another safety aspect to consider is the mattress. Make sure you buy a new mattress and don’t use a second-hand mattress as they don’t last forever and if you use second-hand hand you can’t be sure about the state of the mattress and how long of a life it has left. 

Choose the perfect bed 

As we mentioned earlier, get your toddler involved by helping to choose the perfect bed for them. We have a great selection of toddler beds on our website for you to choose from and here are some of our favourite ones. 

The Obaby Maya Toddler Bed is from the award-winning Obaby collection inspired by Scandinavian design. It has built-in side guards, a clean-cut finish and a two-tone colourway, making it the perfect addition to a modern toddler bedroom. Our Maya toddler bed is the perfect next step for when your little one is ready to move into their big bed. 

Our Kidsaw Racing Car Junior Bed is a super fun bed that has the design of a little red racing car. The bed comes in a red painted finish with cute designs, perfect for any F1 champs or car fans. This Racing Car bed is cleverly designed to involve no glue, screws or mechanical fixings as the whole thing simply slots together like a jigsaw for easy assembly. 

Discover our Kidsaw Loft Station Cabin Bed, a pilot cabin bed that has everything your child could need all in one place and is the ultimate glow-up from a cot or junior bed to a big kid’s bed. It has a desk, bookcase and a sleeping area all designed into a great space-saving unit. The bed is low to the ground, making it ideal for younger children. Finished in a durable, wipe-clean material, it also has thick edges for durability. 

We hope you feel more confident about making the transition from cot to bed. Remember to choose the right time, get your little one involved in the process as much as possible and have plenty of patience. 

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