Toddler Talk: Our Top Tips for Potty Training Your Toddler

Toddler potty training

Just when you think you’ve conquered sleeping and eating, your little one turns into a toddler and the dreaded words “potty training” start floating about. Just thinking about starting is enough to send any parent running for the hills, but binning the nappies really isn’t as terrifying as it first seems. It can be strangely liberating, not having to leave the house laden with nappies and nappy related products!

Here are our top tips for tackling the toilet:

Be Prepared

First things first, you need to have the right. Each child is different, some might prefer a potty, whilst others favour a toilet training seat.

For potty-training on the go, we highly recommend the Tippitoes Portable Potty, to ensure that your little one is never caught out.

Make It Fun

Whilst constant accidents may have you pulling your hair out, make sure your child doesn’t see your frustration. Try to make potty training as fun as possible.

If your child has an accident do not shout. Be calm and patient, telling them not to worry. Show them the potty and suggest that next time they could try to go on the potty. When they do use the potty properly, reward them, perhaps with a sticker reward chart.

Involving your child from the outset will help encourage their potty training. Ask your child to pick their own potty – there are lots of fun ones out there, including the Quack Potty that not only looks like a duck but has a squeaky beak too.

One Step At A Time

As with all things child-related, try not to push them, let them find their own rhythm. Children often find pooing in a potty daunting, so try and master weeing first.

Similarly, keep them in nappies overnight until they have grasped daytime toilet training. You will generally know when your child is ready for night-time training once their nappy is dry or just a little bit wet when you get them up in the morning.


During potty training, dress your child in clothes that are easy for them to take on and off, so they can sit on the potty whenever they feel the need.

You might also want to think about putting them in pull-up nappies. These are a great balance between normal pants and nappies. Your child can pull them up and down themselves which encourages their independence, but they are absorbent so will help with any accidents that may happen.

For more information about potty training tips and products, take a look at our full collection of potty training products sale.

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