Your Guide to Tummy Time

Tummy Time

Every new mum has heard of tummy time. However, you may still be wondering what is tummy time? It’s a fantastic way to help your tot strengthen their tiny little muscles for sitting, rolling and crawling. Plus, getting your sweetheart to lie on their tum gives them a new view on the world. Tummy time is also beneficial for mummies and daddies. It’s the perfect chance for lots of snuggles and bonding time with your little one. We’re here to help you learn the importance of tummy time, what age to start tummy time —and more importantly, how to make it super fun!

What is tummy time?

Tummy time will be one of your baby’s first exercises—and the most crucial! It’s the time throughout the day, where your tot will spend awake and on their stomach. Your baby’s visual, motor, and sensory development relies a lot on this exercise. Don’t forget though, they must always be alert, awake and supervised!

Baby on tummy looking at a teddy

What are the benefits of tummy time?

  • Supports physical development
  • Helps your baby hit milestones like crawling
  • Helps your baby to learn to roll over
  • Encourages brain development
  • Helps to prevent flat head syndrome
  • Great opportunity for parent-baby bonding

What age to start tummy time?

Try out tummy time with your little one, from any time after they’re born! However, you’ll need to be cautious. Only engage in tummy time when you’re both wide awake. Start off by giving your baby very brief spells of tummy time. We recommend anything from three to five minutes, three times a day.

If they’re loving tummy time, the next step is to try and build upon it by a minute, every couple of days. Sometimes, it’s possible your angel may not be too keen on tummy time. Don’t worry though, there’s ways to get around this. Maybe try holding them upright and giving them a cuddle instead.

Children who don’t like doing tummy time may take a little longer to start walking. However, they will still take a regular amount of time to do it. So, don’t panic! They will still hit those all-important milestones!

Baby on a play mat

The best activities and toys to promote tummy time

  • Join your tot on the floor,face-to-face or side-by-side. Just place a tummy time mat beneath them for extra comfort. Our Infantino Vintage Tummy Time Mat will do just the job. It comes with fun toys as well to make the experience more enjoyable. Make sure to chat away to your angel to keep them engaged.
  • Pop a shatterproof mirrorin front of your little one. This way, they’ll be able to see their own face which is fascinating for any baby.
  • Entice your babywith toys. Place them around your angel in a circle. This will get your little one’s muscles working. As, they’ll be tempted to reach out for the toys.
  • You may have a baby on your hands that refuses to do tummy time. If that’s the case, prop a nursing pillow under their chest and arms. This way you can attempt to slowly wean them off these props and get them into tummy time.
  • Pop your sweetheart on your own tummy whilst you’re led on your back. Warning – watch out for dribble! You could also raise your baby above you whilst in this position Don’t forget to do lots of silly noises and shower them with kisses!

Tummy time will be one of the most exciting developmental phases for you and your tot. Just remember, it’s a process. There isn’t a set rulebook when it comes to tummy time! Not all babies are the same, so it’s not a problem if some take longer to get a hang of tummy time. All you need to do is appreciate these sweet moments and take joy in celebrating each milestone! We hope we’ve set you on the right track, for yours and your sweetheart’s tummy time journey!

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