Bugaboo Strollers: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Bugaboo Strollers: The Ultimate Travel Guide

Bugaboo design extraordinary strollers for extraordinary little ones. You will find continuous innovation, exceptional quality, and environmental consciousness at the heart of their baby products. It’s all in the subtle details with this empathetic brand so that their parenting solutions can make spending time with your children exciting, unforgettable and most importantly, fun!

For these reasons, Bugaboo makes excellent strollers, ideal for travelling with. Expertly engineered to include subtle and helpful details like one hand, compact folds, and self-standing units (to name a few) makes travelling with a little one effortless.

In this guide, we have provided what we think are the best Bugaboo strollers for travelling and the standout features that make them so. 

Butterfly compact folding stroller

The Butterfly compact folding pushchair is the ideal travel stroller with a 1-second fold, ultra-compact design and has been certified for air travel. The quick fold allows you to carry it down staircases, lift it onto the train or put it into the trunk of a car hassle-free. It even features a hands-free carry handle so you can walk with your little one holding your hand and have the stroller over your shoulder. 

The Butterfly weighs only 7.3kg which makes carrying super easy. It’s still a robust and strong stroller that can easily support your little one and carry a basket of shopping. The optional bumper bar attaches to your Butterfly stroller and creates a safe and comfortable forcefield everywhere you go. The Butterfly compact stroller has extra padded cushioning, an extendable canopy and recline positions to keep your little passenger comfortable. 

Can I use the Butterfly to travel with my newborn? 

The Bugaboo Butterfly alone isn’t suitable from birth, but it makes a great pushchair from baby to toddlerhood and will see them grow into a young child. The Bugaboo Butterfly can be used from 6 months to 22 kg/48.5 lbs, usually around 4 or 5 years old.

However, when the Bugaboo Butterfly stroller is partnered with a compatible Bugaboo car seat, like the Turtle Air car seat, it can be used right from birth. 

Does the Butterfly fold easily? 

The Bugaboo Butterfly comes with a one-hand, one-second fold, and it is ultra-compact and portable, which makes it a great choice for families who love to travel and go on adventures. The stroller is folded by pressing the button on the handlebar and quite literally collapses before your eyes. Blink, and you’ll miss it! It folds in on itself, making it the perfect stroller to travel with. 

The Bugaboo is not only compact, but it’s super lightweight to make it easier when going through customs at the airport or hopping on and off trains and other modes of transport. It’s also great for storing in an overhead locker or in a car boot. However, not all airlines allow strollers to be stored in the cabin, so it’s always worth checking with the airline beforehand. 

Dragonfly compact folding stroller

The Dragonfly compact folding stroller is Bugaboo’s most urban stroller, which is also great for travelling with. Much like the Butterfly, the Dragonfly’s innovative design can fold with the carrycot or seat unit into a compact, self-standing unit. City+ drive means you and your babe will experience outstanding comfort on urban terrains. The Bugaboo Dragonfly offers precision steering, smart suspension, and the new urban wheel design has enhanced traction for sharper handling and easier navigation. 

The stroller’s extra large under-carriage basket allows you to carry everything you need with you, and it even has an expandable rear pocket. It has all the features that you’d expect from Bugaboo, including an easy-buckle harness, extendable canopy and adjustable sizing. 

Can I travel with my newborn in the Dragonfly? 

Yes! The Dragonfly is suitable from birth due to its lie-flat recline until around 4 years old. The stroller can also be used with a carrycot for ultimate comfort. This innovative stroller can even fold when used with the carrycot, making travelling with a newborn a little bit easier. 

Is the Dragonfly easy to fold? 

It really is. In fact, the easy one-hand fold is one of the things that makes this stroller special and great for travelling. It’s as simple as putting on the bread, folding back the canopy and pressing the button on the handlebars to fold the stroller with the carrycot or seat unit into a compact, free-standing package. Break, click, fold and off you go onto your adventure. 

Fox 3 and Fox 5 stroller: similarities and differences

Both the Fox 3 stroller and Fox 5 stroller are built for ultimate comfort. They’re ideal for strolling on any terrain, from old, cobbled streets to a sandy beach. You and your baby can feel equally comfortable roaming the city or countryside, perfect for a spontaneous holiday. The things that are immediately striking about this stroller are the quality and soft touch premier materials on the cover and handle, the strong and sturdy frame, and the bouncy suspension. 

The Fox 5 stroller is equally as impressive as the Fox 3 stroller but with new and improved features that take the Fox stroller to the next level. This stroller has been engineered to perfection to make sure that every outing is simple and intuitive. It offers everything the Fox 3 does, as well as easy, one-hand adjustments, a new chassis design, an extendable seat unit, a basket upgrade, board attachments and new colours. 

Will my baby travel in comfort in a Fox stroller? 

Absolutely! The Fox strollers are well known for providing comfort to both you and your baby. 

Both the Fox 3 and Fox 5 are super light and easy to manoeuvre, so as a parent, you’ll feel ready for a day of adventure. Starting with the iconic central joint, it works in perfect harmony with the rest of the chassis and the four-wheel suspension to absorb any shakes and wobbles from going up tricky curbs or across bumpy cobbles. It also has a simple, one-piece self-standing compact fold for easy storage and travelling. 

Which stroller is easier to fold, the Fox 3 or the Fox 5? 

Both strollers are super simple to fold into a self-standing unit, so whoever option you choose, both are great for travelling. The Fox 5 is more intuitive and compact than the Fox 5, allowing for easy one-hand fold into a smaller package. 

Donkey 5 Duo Stroller

Say hello to the Donkey 5 duo, the new and improved side-by-side double pushchair for twice the fun and not too big for travelling with. Convert this pushchair from a single to a double in just three clicks to keep your little co-pilots side by side from birth to toddler. The reversible seats let siblings face each other, face you or face the world around them. 

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the news Donkey Duo is the array of colours to choose from. Colours have always been important to Bugaboo, and this versatile stroller comes in an astounding 22 colours! 

Is the Donkey 5 Duo small enough to travel with?

Even though it’s a double, it’s smaller and more compact than you think and can be easily pushed with only one hand, even through tight doorways. It comes with an expendable side luggage basket with an integrated zipper on the top (when used as a single stroller), increasing its capacity as it transforms into a large tote bag. 

Is the Donkey 5 Duo easy to use? 

The Donkey 5 Duo is an upgrade on previous Donkey Duo strollers, and the new features make it even easier to use. 

In just 3 clicks, it can go from a single to a duo stroller quickly and easily. The Donkey 5 Duo now features a one-finger fold by pressing down on a button on either side of the handlebars to collapse, then simply tuck the wheels in for a compact fold. Unfolding can be done in one smooth, swift motion. 

You can now add a wheel board to your Donkey 5 Duo so your toddler or older children can ride along differently, making for a more versatile ride. 

So, now you have the ultimate travel guide to Bugaboo strollers so you can choose the best one for your family lifestyle and the type of travels you intend to do with your mini explorer. 

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