Is The SnuzPod Studio The Right Bed Side Crib For Me: Buyer’s Guide

Finding the perfect sleeping arrangement for your baby is essential for ensuring they get a quality night’s rest. Of course, their routine and other accessories make an enormous impact, but one of our top tips for getting your baby to sleep is selecting a comfortable and safe crib.

If you are in a spiral of endless scrolling on the hunt for a bedside crib, your search can end now as we present the SnuzPod studio. Designed to be the ultimate lifestyle bedside crib, this versatile accessory offers a compact and reliable space for your baby to use. This complete buyer guide will explore what makes this modern sleep solution a must-have bedroom accessory for parents and how it benefits growing babies. Covering everything from unique features to safety considerations, this article will explore every inch of the contemporary SnuzPod studio to help you make the best purchase for your little bundle of joy.

What Is the SnuzPod Studio?

The SnuzPod studio is a lightweight yet durable crib that connects directly to the side of a bed for easy access. As babies must sleep in the same room as their parents for the first six months of their lives, this provides a brilliant solution for ensuring safety. 

Characterised by a contemporary design, the difference between this crib and others is the ergonomic movement integrated with every feature. From adjusting the height to travel functionality, this crib is the ultimate accessory for modern parents. Design-wise, the SnuzPod is available in seven chic colours, meeting any decor preference. This means the pod can be used in a parent’s bedroom without deteriorating from the ambience and styling that has been achieved. 

By offering an all-in-one solution to parents, the guesswork can be eliminated from helping a baby sleep soundly no matter where they currently are. The aim of the SnuzPod is to help a parent choose the right crib for their baby so that comfort and safety are always guaranteed. 

What Makes the Snuzpod Studio the Ideal Bedside Crib?

The SnuzPod is designed as an easy-access bedside crib. Incorporating this functionality into a bedroom setup is essential for providing direct care to a baby. Whether a baby needs soothing or feeding, the dropped side allows parents to easily stretch across and make contact. However, even though ease of access is essential, so is safety, which is provided by the high sides. These ensure that babies cannot roll out of the crib and that their bodies are effectively always supported. 

SnuzPod features solutions for both uses to ensure both requirements are met. The design is safety tested and certified to BS EN 1130:2019, providing its effectiveness in protecting a child. This is due to the robust design and breathable mesh panels used to create the elegant design. In addition to encouraging strong airflow to the crib, parents can maintain a clear view of their little ones even when led in bed. Further enhancing the suitability for use at the bedside is the zip-down wall, allowing parents to reach their babies in seconds. 

These features are further enhanced by the slimline design and lightweight frame, which offers additional benefits as a bedside crib.

Additional Features of the Snuzpod Studio

Aside from some of the features we have already outlined, the SnuzPod has plenty more to offer which is designed to make a parents life much easier. Each has been designed with versatility and comfort in mind to provide the ultimate aid for sleeping. Key features to consider are as follows:

Quality and curated interiors – Protecting your little one while developing is essential, so crib mattresses are an important buying decision. With the right solution, a baby can be ergonomically protected so that growth can occur without hindrance. To provide the perfect sleeping conditions, the SnuzPod studio features a 3D breathable mattress and an option to put the Studio in a reflux position to aid your baby’s digestion. The aerated design means that the mattress is kept plump whilst also allowing any dampness to be quickly dried, eliminating the chance of bacteria building up. 

The SnuzPod studio also proves that style doesn’t have to be substituted for practicality as a choice of different coloured interior liners is available. Whether you want to match the crib to the room or select a calming choice for the baby, the product allows parents to control the look of their child’s crib.

Designed for Portability – The SnuzPod Studio is highly portable without compromising on durability. Its lightweight design and sturdy frame make it effortlessly movable throughout your home or apartment. With smooth-running castor wheels and a convenient fold-down feature, re-positioning is a breeze, ensuring your little one’s comfort wherever you need it.

Furthermore, a travel bag is sold separately, which snuggly encompasses the design to eliminate the chance of damage from occurring whilst in transit.  

Easy to build – If you are a parent, you know it can feel like you need an engineering degree just to assemble items for your little one! That isn’t the case with the SnuzPod studio, as the simple set-up can be achieved in minutes. Furthermore, six different heights are available, allowing complete configuration. 

Simple to maintain – The SnuzPod studio is also easy to keep clean which is essential for a baby sleep accessory. Not only can the mattress be machine washed but the rest of the frame can also be wiped clean using baby-friendly cleaning products. This ensures that parents can always keep their child’s crib hygienic. 

Benefits of Choosing the Snuzpod Studio

Safety Assured

The SnuzPod studio encompasses safety at every point. From the secure fixing frame to lightweight, breathable mesh, this crib is designed to give parents complete peace of mind when the baby is sleeping or resting. The bedside configuration also allows a snug fit directly next to a frame. This is not always possible for these cribs as sometimes there is a slight gap. The SnuzPod studio is created to offer safety for both parents and babies.

Ideal for Supporting a Babies Development

This versatile crib offers plenty of benefits for a child’s development. Firstly, the mesh panels allow them to still see their parents and other aspects of a room, which is an important factor for cognitive development. You could try using a mobile to engage children in their cribs, as this promotes independence from an early age. 

The secure design, ergonomic mattress, and ability to be placed in a desired location also ensure other developmental factors are considered.

Allow Individual Parent Styles to Be Adopted

Whether you agree with self-soothing or a hand-on approach, this crib allows parents to adopt their own style of looking after their child. The versatility of this crib means it’s perfect for adapting to modern living offering a solution for what type of sleep configuration a parent wishes to choose.

How Much Does the Snuzpod Studio Cost?

The SnuzPod studio bedside crib costs £149, which is very competitive compared to other models available on the market. Thanks to its affordable price tag and elevated features, the ability to select a safety-assured crib is guaranteed with this product. This price includes next-day delivery when selecting an option from Kiddies Kingdom, offering even more value for money.  

How to Buy the Snuzpod Studio Cribs?

After reading this complete guide, you should now feel clued up on the SnuzPod studio’s benefits. If you have decided this is the crib for you, we stock a full collection of colours and designs, from neutral grey to rich forest green, and we have a design to suit any requirements. 

Do you still have questions about this crib or the wider SnuzPod collection? Contact the Kiddies Kingdom team today.

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