Baby Safety Month

Baby safety is obviously a hugely important topic of conversation and there are many concerns, as parents, that we have for our children; keeping them safe is the main priority. Most injuries can be prevented as long as parents have the correct information, so it is important to make sure we discuss how to ensure baby safety. September is baby safety month, so we thought it was only necessary for us to discuss some of the most important baby safety concerns.

baby safety

Water Safety

For parents, drowning is a massive concern and it is one of the biggest safety concerns for children. We must make the effort to take care of children around water. It is essential to never leave a child unattended in or near water. It is also a good idea to teach children how to swim from as young as possible as this is the best way to learn and can reduce water related accidents severely. It is also important that when it comes to water safety you remember that accidents can also happen inside the home. Never leave a baby unattended in the bath; even with siblings and always have them within arm’s reach. Similarly, keep toilet lids closed and empty all containers with liquid immediately after use.

Sleep Safety

For young babies especially, the majority of their time is spent sleeping but it can also be where their safety is put at risk. Make sure to always put them to sleep on their back as this helps to prevent suffocation, similarly there should be no pillows, quilts or cushions in the crib and the mattress should be firm and tight fitting. It is essential that your crib or cot be up to standards and advisable to not use a second-hand crib.

Electrical Safety

For younger babies, it is the parent you will control their access to electricals and be responsible for their safety; keeping them away from sockets and making sure to use electrical appliances safely. However, as children get older, they are in control of themselves and may be more likely to come into contact with electrical equipment. It is important to teach them that electrics can be dangerous and to teach them good habits.

Cord Safety

This refers to both electrical wires and cords from other items such as blinds. Cords can pose serious strangulation risks to children therefore they should be kept up and out of reach. Don’t place cribs near windows in order to prevent children reaching for cords on blinds or window coverings and remember to keep them away from other cords which may be in their bedroom.

‘Baby Proofing’

Babies are also prone to accidents, baby proofing your home is a good way to ensure all the small things which could cause injury are covered or removed. There are a few simple things you can do to keep your home safe. Protective coverings for table edges and corners help protect toddlers once walking, you can also secure things such as TV’s and furniture to avoid baby being able to tip them over. Baby safety gates are great for preventing access to other rooms or stopping them going up and down the stairs.


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