Happy Children’s Day – Thailand and Tunisia

Children’s Day is celebrated around the world on different days and through different customs depending on the country.  This year both Thailand and Tunisia celebrate Children’s Day on the 11th January, with both countries honouring their children at this important event.

Tunisia celebrates Children’s Day on the same day each year, 11th January, with the rights of children highlighted in the focus of their celebrations.  Tunisia’s people also use this day to recognise the importance of the future roles that children will play, and the contributions they will make to their country, as they progress to adulthood.

From 1965 Thailand has celebrated Children’s Day on the second Saturday in January each year, which this year also falls on the 11th January, previously to that Children’s Day was held in October. With the celebrations referred to locally as Wan Dek Haeng Chat, again the future of the nation held in the hands of its children is celebrated, and on this day the Children of Thailand are able to benefit from many exciting experiences.  These include visiting government offices and agencies, as well as military displays and operations, with children even allowed access to the Prime Minister’s office.

Together with an address from the King, it is the Prime Minister who sets a theme for the event, during which time many children also receive gifts such as books donated by various organisations.  Steps are taken to ensure children can make the most of their special day, with treats such as free admission to attractions on offer, as well as free travel on buses offered for the children throughout the Children’s Day celebrations.

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