How to Prepare your Baby for the Colder Months Ahead

Babies, newborn’s especially, don’t have the ability to self-regulate their core temperature therefore it is essential to limit their exposure to cold weather in whatever ways possible. When it dips below freezing, newborn’s shouldn’t be taken outside; only if it is a quick trip to the car but even then, keep them wrapped up. The younger the baby, the less they can cope with the cold as infants lose heat a lot faster than adults. As it is so important to keep babies warm during the winter, there are various things you need to be aware of as winter approaches and some ways to prepare your baby for the cold.

baby in cold weather

Dressing for the Cold

Even before it dips below freezing there will be times when you want to venture outside, but the weather is feeling a little chilly. Knowing how to best dress your baby for the cold is important, as you don’t want them to feel the cold, but you also need to be wary not to let them overheat. This is why the best idea is to opt for layering. Layering allows for flexibility; you can adjust based on your baby’s temperature. The closest layer to them should be snug; a bodysuit and leggings is usually a good choice followed by a top and pants and then baby winter coats, hat, mittens and booties. Baby wearing is another great way of keeping them warm; your body heat will provide them extra warmth.

Dressing for Sleep

When it comes to sleep, it is generally better to be on the cooler side as opposed to overdoing it with the heat. If baby sleep temperature is too high at night, they won’t be comfortable, and this can cause a dangerous sleeping situation. It is also essential to remember that blankets are a no-go as they are too loose and cause a massive hazard. Layers are still a good idea if you’re wondering what should baby wear to bed? When it comes to sleepwear; a bodysuit and Pyjamas with feet work best. Make sure to check their neck to ensure they are not too warm.

Indoor Temperature

You may be tempted to keep the indoor temperature high however this is not always the best way to go. Keeping the room temperature for baby cooler, but still comfortable, can help prevent drying of the skin and is better for sleeping. Cooler temperatures help to reduce the risks associated with baby’s sleep. Instead of using the heating to keep your baby warm, dress them in layers which can be removed as necessary.

Things to Look Out For

Whilst you can do everything possible to keep your baby warm during the winter, it is important to know the warning signs that they may be too cold. If they start to shiver, or their hands, feet and face are cold and red or pale and hard then it is time to bring them inside. If this happens it is important not to rub the skin as this could cause skin damage. Instead reheat the skin using warm cloths and put them in some warm baby winter clothes. If you’re concerned, make sure to see a doctor.

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