Can You Make an Egg Single Pram into a Double?


So you’ve got double the trouble? Excellent, that just means double the fun! We know for sure that it doesn’t need to mean twice the hassle because we have just the thing you need, a double egg2 stroller because, yes you absolutely can make an egg single pram into a double! 

Here you will find information about the fantastic egg2 pushchair and why it can make your life with two a little easier and more luxurious. It’s quick and easy to make an egg single into an egg double, with several configurations too. 

Egg2 Stroller

The egg2 pushchair is usually sold as a single and initially includes just the stroller itself, but you can buy the stroller as part of a bundle to make a complete travel system, where it comes with a carrycot, car seat and other accessories like a footmuff and seat liners. But, if you’re looking for a double stroller, you’re in luck because the brilliant egg2 has 6 different variations in tandem mode to meet the needs of your growing family at every stage. 

But wait, let’s go back a little and learn more about what the egg2 has to offer. 

Egg2 features 

The concept behind the egg buggy comes from non-other than the humble ‘egg’ itself- richly signifying birth, warmth, shelter and sustenance. The popular and luxurious egg2 stroller has soft-touch marl tailoring, elegant curves, infinite lines and excellent design engineering, so you and your baby have a smooth ride and an exceptional experience. The superior egg2 provides maximum comfort for your precious passenger, and the ease of use has become one of the brand’s hallmarks.

Available on their own or as part of an egg2 bundle, these compatible and convertible strollers can be used from birth with a carrycot, newborn insert or a variety of car seats like Maxi-Cosi, Cybex or BeSafe, as well as the matching egg2 Shell i-Size car seat. They come in an array of gorgeous colours, so if buying separately, you will find the matching colour of the carrycot and car seat for your egg2 buggy. 

Egg2 tandem 

Growing Families Egg Stroller

As well as working beautifully for one little person, the fantastic egg2 stroller has also been designed to grow with your family and offers many solutions for parents of two. Whether you need transport for twins, a baby and a toddler, or even two toddlers, we have you covered.

The egg2 has been built generally taller and wider than the average stroller, making greater space for all six approved tandem configurations. To get started, you’ll need egg2 tandem adapters that simply attach to your stroller to make it a double. 

From there, you’ll need the second seat and what you need depends on the age of your two children. You can choose from two seat units, two carrycots, or two car seats or mix and match if your children are different ages and have different needs. 

The egg2 tandem seats come in a range of colours, including seagrass and diamond black, so you’ll be able to find one that either matches your original egg2 exactly or very closely. 

6 egg2 tandem variations

In tandem mode, you can use the adapters for any of the following 6 configurations: 

  1. Upper world-facing seat unit and world-facing lower carrycot
  2. Upper parent-facing infant car seat (requires multi car seat adapters
  3. Upper parent facing carrycot, lower world facing carrycot
  4. Tandem parent-facing car seats (requires multi car seat adapters and lower multi car seat adapters)
  5. Upper parent-facing infant car seat (with adapters) lower world-facing carrycot
  6. Upper world-facing seat unit, lower world-facing tandem seat. 

Egg2 carrycot

Growing Families Egg Stroller Carrycot

Now you know how simple it is to turn a single egg into a double, here is some information about the two elements, alongside the tandem seat unit, that you could invest in so you can take advantage of the many different configurations. 

To use the famous egg2 stroller from birth, you will need an egg2 carrycot so your precious newborn can be in a lie-flat position for the first 6 months. The egg2 carrycot has a spacious nest and features an ergonomic release lever positioned at the top. Just like the egg2 seat unit, the carrycot features a ventilation net and viewing window to keep your little cool and their eyes on the world around them. The beautiful soft-lined egg2 carrycot includes a plush mattress as standard, as well as a fully adjustable hood and rain cover to keep your baby protected from the weather. 

If you have twins, you’ll need two carrycots to use from birth, but if you have another older, they can use the seat unit, and your newborn can lie flat comfortably in their cocoon carrycot. 

Egg2 car seat 

If you have either one or two babies under 15 months old, you’ll need an infant carrier seat to travel with them in a car, and we have just the thing. Egg is proud to have extended their range to include egg2 Shell car seats that encompass the same high safety standards, functionality and immense style synonymous with their strollers. 

The egg car seat provides optimum cushioning for your most precious passenger with an enhanced side-impact protective shell and a memory foam headrest. With the egg Shell i-size infant carrier, travelling on the road with your baby has never been easier with the 3-position handle and easy single-pull secure harness. 

The egg i-Size car seats comply with the highest safety regulations and can be used in a rearward-facing position from birth to around 15 months old (from 40-80cm). In addition, the egg Shell has removable, enhanced inner-body padding (for use from newborn), which provides key support for both the side and upper leg muscles on car journeys until your little one has grown enough not to need the extra cushioning. 

The egg infant carriers are designed to attach to egg2 strollers so you can transfer your sleeping baby from the car to the pram without disturbing them. When you’re transitioning the seat from vehicle to stroller, you’ll need to use the multi car seat adapters, which are also compatible with other brands of car seats, like Maxi Cosi Cybex and BeSafe. 

For fast and secure installation, the egg infant carrier is compatible with the egg Shell ISOFIX base; alternatively, it can safely be secured to a vehicle using a 3-point vehicle seat belt. Both safety and comfort are considered in the design of the Egg 2 car seat, so you are free to drive comfortably knowing that your little one is secure, snug and protected in their Egg 2 Shell car seat.

Egg Ride on Board 


Another option is to use an egg Ride on Board, to be used from the age of 2 years old, to free up your seat unit for another baby. The buggy board is great for tired little legs when you’re out and about and don’t want to use a double stroller. Not everyone likes the idea of a double stroller, or if your oldest child is getting to that age where they aren’t going to need to rest their legs for much longer, an Egg Ride on Board is a great option. 

Whilst your second little one kicks back in their stroller, your older child can catch a ride on the back of the stroller on their slick board. When it’s not in use, simply click it up out of the way. The board is easy to attach to your chassis with the use of connector adapters. The adapters stay on the chassis of your pushchair, with the board clicking on and off when needed. 

So that’s everything you need to know about how to travel in style with two little ones in tow. Can you make an egg single pram into a double? Absolutely! Simply use the tandem adapters and use the necessary seat units depending on the age of your children, and you’re good go to!

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