How to Fold Egg Strollers: A Complete Guide


Egg strollers are super quick and simple to fold and they’re designed to be compact for easy storage and stowing for travelling. Many parents ask how to fold their egg stroller and if the carrycot, seat unit or car seat need to be removed before collapsing. In this complete guide, we tell you, with simple instructions, how to fold your new egg stroller so you don’t need to wonder and struggle during the first family day out with your new pushchair. 

If you’re still undecided on which egg stroller is the best one for your needs, you’ll also find detailed information about the two different types of egg strollers that we have on our Kiddies Kingdom website as well as what bundles are available to make a complete travel experience. 

About egg strollers

Transport your little one with ease with an egg stroller. This tried and tested brand serves both the functional and style-conscious parent. Travelling with a baby has never been so effortless or fashionable with egg’s famous strollers that are intuitively designed and come in an array of stunning colours, including the egg2 feather and the egg2 seagrass

In this section, you’ll find out more about the egg strollers and why they’re so popular. 

Egg2 Stroller

egg2 Egg Stroller

The concept behind the egg buggy comes from non-other than the humble ‘egg’ itself- richly signifying birth, warmth, shelter and sustenance. The popular and luxurious black egg2 stroller has soft-touch marl tailoring, smooth curves, infinite lines and excellent design engineering, so you and your baby have a smooth ride and an exceptional experience. The superior egg2 provides maximum comfort for your precious passenger, and the ease of use has become one of the brand’s hallmarks.

Egg2 bundles

Buying a bundle is great for getting everything you need for travelling with a baby in one purchase, and egg bundles are renowned for their quality, style, safety and comfort.The fantastic egg2 stroller comes with all egg bundles.

When purchased as part of an egg2 9-piece bundle, these compatible and convertible pushchairs come with a carrycot, mattress, fitted sheets, deluxe blanket, footmuff, backpack, seat liner, car seat adapters and car seat, so you have everything you need for your first trip out with a newborn. Or, choose the egg2 8-piece grey bundle, which includes the egg2 car seat ISOFIX base, for fast and secure installation in the car. 

Egg2 Shell i-Size car seat 

Included in the bundle is the egg2 Shell i-Size car seat, which encompasses the same high safety standards, functionality and immense style synonymous with their strollers. The egg car seat provides optimum cushioning for your most precious passenger with an enhanced side-impact protective shell and a memory foam headrest. With the egg Shell i-size infant carrier, travelling on the road with your baby has never been easier with the 3-position handle and easy single-pull secure harness. 

The egg i-Size car seats comply with the highest safety regulations and can be used rearward-facing from birth to around 15 months old (40-80cm). In addition, the egg Shell has removable, enhanced inner-body padding (for use from newborn), which provides key support for both the side and upper leg muscles on car journeys until your little one has grown enough not to need the extra cushioning. The egg infant carriers are designed to attach to egg2 pushchair so you can transfer your sleeping baby from the car to the pram without disturbing them. 

EggZ stroller

eggZ Egg Stroller

The eggZ stroller is no-fuss, compact and lightweight baby travel product thathas an extendable basket that offers great length and depth, making it a great urban pushchair. A unique curved chassis profile invites the very clever z-fold system at the heart of the stroller, perfect for fast transitions on the go. A deceptively simple one-hand process using discrete buttons on the hand-stitched handlebar ends with a small freestanding fold. The handlebar area also houses two convenient hooks for hanging your backpack.

Without the need for a carrycot, the eggZ is suitable from birth with a 3-position recline, and it offers a cocoon-like environment for your baby and a sumptuous seat for toddlers with its soft-touch fabrics and deep padding. A simple one-touch handle recline makes life much easier than the strap recline systems on other strollers, and ease of use is pushed to the max with the ingenious magnetic buckle system on the harness. This stroller is the result of well-thought-out features and practical functionality, all in a small package.

Folding your egg stroller

Now you know everything there is to know about our egg strollers, including what you can get in an egg2 bundle, in this section, you’ll find out just how easy it is to collapse your egg pushchair. 

Folding your egg2

To use the famous egg2 stroller from birth, you will need an egg2 carrycot so your precious newborn can be in a lie-flat position for the first 6 months. The egg2 carrycot has a spacious nest and features an ergonomic release lever positioned at the top. Just like the egg2 seat unit, the carrycot features a ventilation net and viewing window to keep your little cool and their eyes on the world around them. The beautiful soft-lined egg2 carrycot includes a plush mattress as standard, as well as a fully adjustable hood and rain cover to keep your baby protected from the weather. 

So, if you’re using the stroller with the carrycot attached, you’ll need to remove this first. 

  1. Lift the lever at the back of the carrycot and lift upwards using the handle at the top to release from the chassis
  2. Rotate the barrel on the handlebar away from you to drop your bar to the lowest position
  3. Then, using the same barrel, rotate it towards you and this will drop the handlebar to the floor where you can lock it in place
  4. In the middle of the undercarriage basket, you’ll see a bar. Lift this bar upwards to fold the rest of your chassis and when you hear the click, it means it is locked in place
  5. The egg2 is self standing so you can leave it upright or in a lie-flat position to fit into the boot or your car or for storing away. 

If you’re using the egg2 buggy with the seat unit attached, it doesn’t matter whether it is forward facing or world facing, it needs to be removed before folding, but it’s super simple. 

  1. Make sure the retractable canopy is pushed back for easier handling and storage
  2. Press the two white indicators either side of the seat unit and lift to release
  3. Follow the same instructions above to fold the chassis.

The egg2 stroller is quick and easy to fold and the pram frame can be collapsed using just one hand, once the carrycot, car seat or seat unit have been removed. 

Egg2 tandem 

Growing Families Egg Stroller

To convert your stroller from a single to a double, you’ll need tandem adapters that attach to your egg2 stroller and can be used to double up in 6 configurations. Along with the adapters, you will need an egg2 tandem seat which is available in a range of colours, including feather, jurassic grey, quartz and monument grey. If using in this mode, to fold the double stroller first you must remove the tandem adapters and both seat units or carrycots and fold using the same instructions above. 

Folding your eggZ

The eggZ is the simple, no fuss, lightweight and compact stroller so it doesn’t come with a carrycot or have a compatible car seat unit, making it even simpler to collapse. The great thing about this stroller is that you don’t remove the seat unit to fold it and you can do it swiftly with one hand in one effortless motion in just 3 steps. 

  1. Pull the extendable canopy all the way back so it is tucked away
  2. Press the button on the handlebar
  3. Push the handlebar forward to fold the top portion of the pushchair and feel the natural z-motion as the whole pram folds down into a tightly compact package. 

And it’s as easy as that with the eggZ! 

Egg Ride on Board

To get even more out of your egg, use an egg Ride on Board for your older child (suitable for use from 2 years old) to give those tired little legs a rest when your younger baby is in the stroller. A Ride on Board means your older munchkin can catch a ride on the back of any egg pushchair, without the need to create a tandem buggy. If you’re using an egg Ride on Board, you’ll need to remove it before folding. 

That’s your complete guide to folding your egg stroller and now you can see how quick and simple it is. If you go for an egg2, you’re getting a versatile stroller with multiple elements including carrycot, seat unit and car seat if you purchase as a complete travel system and for the eggZ you’re getting a no-fuss, lightweight and compact pushchair that folds with one hand in just a couple of seconds. Either way, we know you’ll be happy with your egg stroller purchase.

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