When to Remove the Egg Newborn Insert


Newborn babies are so delicate and precious that new parents want to wrap them up in cotton wool and keep them as safe as possible. This is why egg car seats come with a newborn insert, to keep your baby in a safe, secure and comfortable position when travelling by car. 

But many parents wonder when to remove the egg newborn car seat. We understand that you don’t want to compromise your baby’s safety, so it’s difficult to know when to remove this safety net. This post addresses this question and provides helpful information about the egg car seats themselves. 

Egg2 Shell car seat

Egg is proud to have extended their range to include egg car seats that encompass the same high safety standards, functionality and immense style synonymous with their strollers. The egg car seat provides optimum cushioning for your most precious passenger with an enhanced side-impact protective shell and a memory foam headrest. With the egg Shell i-size infant carrier, travelling on the road with your baby has never been easier with the 3-position handle and easy single-pull secure harness. 

The egg i-Size car seats comply with the latest safety regulations and can be used in a rearward-facing position from birth to around 15 months old (from 40-80cm). In addition, the egg Shell has a removable, enhanced newborn insert, which provides key support for both the side and upper leg muscles on car journeys until your little one has grown enough not to need the extra cushioning. 

Egg car seat bundles


For families that want a full travel system, the Shell car seats come as part of all egg travel bundles in a range of colours, including the stunning special edition 8-piece eclipse bundle and the popular 9-piece egg bundle in seagrass. To upgrade your travel system, you can choose to add some egg pushchair and car seat accessories such as a bottle holder, parasol or egg universal car seat rain cover

Alternatively, we sell a unique CabrioFix/Egg travel system where you get an egg stroller but a CabrioFix car seat. The lightweight Maxi-Cosi CabrioFix infant carrier is suitable from birth to 13 kg and is compatible with Maxi-Cosi, Quinny and Egg pushchairs to form a stylish travel system. This car seat features an enhanced Side Protection System and a soft padded seat with a newborn insert. 

Egg car seat installation

The egg infant carriers are designed to attach to egg2 strollers so you can transfer your sleeping baby from the car to the pram without disturbing them. When you’re transitioning the seat from vehicle to stroller, you’ll need to use egg multi-car seat adapters, which are also compatible with other brands of car seats, like Maxi Cosi, Cybex and BeSafe. 

For fast and secure installation, the egg infant carrier is compatible with the egg Shell ISOFIX base; alternatively, it can safely be secured to a vehicle using a 3-point vehicle seat belt. Both safety and comfort are considered in the design of the Egg 2 car seat, so you are free to drive comfortably knowing that your little one is secure, snug and protected in their Egg 2 Shell car seat.

To install the newborn insert, loosen the straps and harness and thread them through the slots on the insert. Secure in place and pull the straps back as normal, ready to fasten your little darling in. 

What is an egg newborn insert? 

egg Shell i-Size Car Seat

An egg newborn inlay lets your baby fit snugly and safely inside the car seat. Your precious passenger will be protected in the ergonomically correct position for sitting and travelling in their car seat. A newborn insert helps your baby to sit up properly and keeps them nice and comfortable during your journey. You will get a newborn insert when you purchase your car seat. 

When should the egg newborn insert be removed? 

There is no specific weight or age as to when you should remove the newborn insert – it is at your discretion, depending on the baby’s size. However, parents generally remove the newborn insert between 5-6 months, which will give the baby more room to grow. We recommend leaving the head hugger in for as long as possible to provide extra support for the baby’s head.

How to remove a newborn insert

  1. Loosen the straps fully 
  2. Unclip the buckle 
  3. Slide off the shoulder pads
  4. Pull the newborn inlay out of the seat whilst threading the straps through the slots
  5. Reinsert the shoulder pads
  6. Fasten the buckle and tighten it as normal
  7. And it’s as easy as that! 

So, when should you remove the egg newborn insert? Well, there is no definitive answer to this question, as it’s up to your own discretion. Remember that you know what’s best for your baby, and the purpose of the insert is to make them more comfortable and keep them in the correct seated position. When you feel that your baby no longer needs the newborn insert, try taking it out and putting them in the car seat to see how they fit without it. As a guide, remove the newborn insert anything around the 4-6 month mark, depending on the size of your little one.

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