Everything You Need to Know About the iCandy Peach

Everything You Need to Know About the iCandy Peach

The stunning iCandy Peach stroller is one of the most popular iCandy strollers and it’s no wonder with its superb functionality, longevity and elegant design. With so many practical features we have put all the answers to your questions in one place so you can make the most out of your perfect peach pram. 

Whether you’re still making your mind up about the Peach stroller or if you already have it (great choice) you’re in the right place to find out everything you need to know about it, from how to collapse and fold the stroller to what car seats are compatible as well as information about the brand itself. 

About the brand 

iCandy is a British, family-run brand specialising in exquisitely made strollers. From its roots in London’s fashion design and manufacturing scene, iCandy has been uniquely owned and directed by the same family for 90 years, and they would love for you to join the iCandy family right from the beginning of your parenting journey. 

Parents can focus on enjoying the special moments when out and about with their little ones with peace of mind that iCandy has done all the hard work for them with their strollers. This brand has four main principles, quality, innovation, heritage and style which drive them to create products that are not just stunning on the outside but engineered to perfection on the inside.

iCandy provides the highest quality of safety-insured products and ensures that every component is built to last. Grounded in British heritage, iCandy recognises their responsibility beyond the walls of their factory and looks out for the well-being of families. Innovation is what makes them unique as they design products without limitations, not just for the UK but worldwide, and have been rewarded with two Queen’s awards for international trade and innovation. 

The iCandy Peach 7: what’s it all about? 

Perfect for both first-time parents and growing families, the iCandy Peach 7 is not only stunning and practical but also a sophisticated travel system that can easily convert from a single to a double or twin. Designed to fit into your busy family lifestyle it features a compact, freestanding one-handed fold, convenient carry strap and adjustable handlebar heights to make it easy to pack away and handle. 

The Peach pram is suitable from birth when used with the carrycot and for the comfort of your baby, the carrycot is made with a luxury fleece lining, making it a cozy and safe space for overnight sleeping. When you transfer your little one to the seat unit, it has 4 reclining positions, an adjustable calf support and headrest and your baby can either be parent or world-facing to keep them happy and relaxed. 

The perfect Peach pram comes in many beautiful colours from gorgeous grey and olive green to truffle and biscotti, as well as elegant truffle, to name a few. Thoughtfully designed, the Peach has a spacious 44-litre basket that can hold a generous 10kg in weight, as well as a handy pip-zip removable rear seat pocket so you can always have everything you need with you. To aid interaction with your baby, the innovative Peach 7 even has elevators that increase the height of the seat, great for when you’re dining out or playing. 

The iCandy Peach 7 can be purchased as part of an iCandy pushchair bundle or as a twin or double bundle. Our Peach 7 bundles come with everything you need to stroll with your babe, including handy accessories like an iCandy Peach footmuff, rain cover, rucksack and parasol. To complete the travel system, we have the Peach car seat bundle in black which includes the compatible Maxi Cosi Pebble 360 car seat, ISOFIX base and adapters and is also available in a gorgeous dark grey

How to fold the iCandy Peach 7

iCandy Peach Folded

It couldn’t be easier to fold your iCandy Peach 7 as it takes a matter of seconds and stands on its own. To fold your Peach buggy, follow these steps: 

  1. Press the brake to keep the unit in place
  2. Push the canopy back
  3. Press the two buttons on either side to release the seat unit or carrycot
  4. Press the button on the handlebar to shorten
  5. Push the bar towards the floor 
  6. Life the carry strap in the middle to fold and carry easily. 

It’s as easy as that! 

How to change the iCandy Peach 7 carrycot to seat 

The Peach 7 doesn’t come with two separate bulky units, but to save space it comes with a frame and two seat fabrics, one for the carrycot and one for the seat unit. This helps you to save space as it’s likely you’ll only need to make the changeover once, after your little one has grown out of their carrycot so you can easily store the carrycot fabric without having to find space for a whole unit. It’s genius! 

You can convert your Peach 7 carrycot into the seat unit in just a few simple steps. 

  1. Remove the fabric from your carrycot
  2. Unclip and unzip the canopy
  3. Take off the bumper bar
  4. Use the small tool that came with your Peach to push in the pins on either side of the unit. Top Tip: if you don’t have this, you can use a small object like a pen but be careful not to damage it. 
  5. Push in the pins to push the bottom half of the frame out 
  6. Unpop the fabric from the upper part of the frame to release
  7. Thread the frame through the sides of the seat fabric
  8. Click the upper part of the frame together with the bottom
  9. Secure all the zips
  10. Reattach the canopy and bumper bar. 

Now your little bundle of joy can enjoy a ride in their big chair. 

How to convert the iCandy Peach into a double

iCandy Peach Combo

When your family grows, your iCandy Peach can grow too, or it can be bought ready-made for your duo. The iCandy Peach twin is twice the fun with 2 carrycots and seat units and has all the same modern features as the Peach single. For children of different ages, the iCandy Peach double is the ideal pram, featuring a single carrycot for your youngest darling, a seat unit for your older child and an additional seat unit for when your baby has outgrown their carrycot. 

If you decide to expand your iCandy Peach later on, you’ll need a converter kit and a second seat fabric. To convert your Peach into a double or twin, follow these steps: 

  1. Press the brake to stop your stroller from moving
  2. Remove the seat unit or carrycot
  3. Insert the adapters into either side of the frame
  4. Put the seat unit or carrycot back on using the adapters
  5. Insert the lower adapters on either side of the frame
  6. Put the second seat or carrycot unit on the back of the frame (see how to create the seat unit using the instructions above)
  7. You can try different variations such as two carrycots, one on top inward facing and one on the bottom outward facing. 

What car seats are compatible with the iCandy Peach 7? 

There is a range of car seats compatible with the Peach 7 including a range of Maxi Cosi car seats, Joie, Cybex or Nuna car seats, but you’ll need to use adapters which come included as part of most iCandy Peach 7 bundles, but always check you have the right ones that you need. 

How to wash the iCandy Peach 7 

The exterior of the pram such as the frame, wheels and basket can be cleaned using a damp cloth and warm, soapy water. For the fabrics, it’s best to always check the label to be sure but most iCandy Peach fabrics must be hand washed using a mild detergent, soft clothes or sponges and warm water that doesn’t exceed 30 degrees. iCandy advise against putting fabrics in the washing machine or tumble dryer and you must allow to completely dry before using again. 

So now you’re experts on the iCandy Peach 7 and know everything there is to know about it, you can enjoy the stroller to its fullest and go on to make many more precious memories with your little angel. 

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