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Guide to Baby’s First Christmas Gifts

Your baby’s first Christmas is a magical time! Yes, they may not understand the celebration but having a small cute person smiling away as you wake up to your stocking stuffed with pressies adds a magical element to the whole day, not to mention the fact that you can dress them up as an elf with barely any resistance!

But, with your little one being so tiny, it can be hard to think of the right present to give them, especially as they will undoubtedly be showered with gifts from everyone else around them. You might find that opting for a mix of practical and fun gifts may be the way forward when it comes to deciding what to buy for your baby’s first Christmas.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

Nuna Leaf

A pretty pricey gift, but worth its weight in gold when it comes to finding a place to put your little one down. The leaf baby seat is inspired by the float of a leaf on a breeze, and gently rocks your child. It also lasts from baby to big-kid, so can be used, and enjoyed, for many years to come.

Forever Friends Nappy Stacker

A practical but cute solution to keeping your nappies organised which looks fab in any nursery.

Hauck Jump Around

As your baby gets older they will start to want to explore, but sometimes their little legs are not up to challenge. The Jump Around allows them to move up and down to their hearts content whilst gaining strength in their legs for crawling and walking. It also helps develop their motor skills as they interact with the music module, rattles and balls.

Chicco Polly Magic Relax Highchair

Depending on the age of your baby, you may be starting to think about weaning your little one. Why not choose a high chair that is both practical as well as fun, like the Polly Magic Relax?

From birth until six months Polly Magic Relax can be used as a comfortable newborn chair with a colourful toy bar to help entertain your baby. Then for weaning, the chair becomes a high chair, offering eight different height levels and three reclining positions meaning you can find the perfect feeding position for you and your baby. As the baby grows, the tray can then be fully removed from the highchair so it becomes a chair, allowing your tiny tot to sit up at the table to enjoy a meal with the family.

Ewan The Dream Sheep Snuggly

Everyone needs a comforter in their life, and Ewan is one of the best. This small snuggly is great for both home and being out and about your baby. It’s super soft fabric is perfect for newborn skin, and it absorbs your scent to help provide extra reassurance and security for your baby as they drift off to sleep.

Baby Art Happy Frame

Create your very own first Christmas memory with your baby with this gorgeous keepsake.

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