Best Baby Play Mats and Gyms

Best Baby Play Mats and Gyms

So many parents are eager to buy the very best baby play gym for their cherub- and it isn’t hard to see why. Play gyms are fabulous for developing your little one’s senses, cognitive abilities and fitness, as well as providing your pickle with hours of fun. To help you find the perfect gym or mat for your little angel, Kiddies Kingdom has compiled a handy list of all the best baby play gyms and mats on the market right now. 

Tiny Love Black & White Gymini – Magical Tales 

This gorgeous gym contains a machine washable mat and an adjustable arch and includes an array of super cute toys that your darling will adore, including: 

  • A wind chime badger 
  • A take along book 
  • A crinkly peek a boo game 
  • A star teether 
  • A plush cloud 
  • Satin ribbons 

Not only that, the black and white design is wonderful for developing your little one’s vision and senses. 

Tiny Love Boho Chic Luxe Developmental Gymnni 

For bohemian parents wanting a play gym that fits their hippy home décor, the tiny love boho chic luxe is ideal! The wooden arch, eucalyptus mobile, musical sloth, and gripping rings with dangling ribbons combine to create a gym with a quirky Coachella-esque vibe that your little free-spirit will love.  

Tiny Love Gymini Kick and Play Farm 

This hi-tech play gym has kick and play lights and a musical responsive pad, teaching your cherub cause and effect as they create their own mini disco! Both the mat and arches are adjustable, meaning this gym grows as your cutie does, with a closed border for infants, a large open mat for a growing babe, and a sitting play mode for when your little tyke becomes more independent. The detachable toys that come along with it are fabulous too, including: 

  • A jumpy rabbit toy 
  • A crinkly peek-a-boo sun 
  • A sunflower teether and leaf 
  • A cow wind chime 
  • Shiny satin ribbons 
  • A carrot teether and peek-a-boo pocket 

On top of all that, this gym comes with an extra-large mirror

Tiny Love Deluxe Gymini Tiny Princess Tales 

Give your little one the fairytale gym they deserve with this wonderful two in one mat and gym with a removeable arch. The enchanting accessories that come with this gym are truly fit for royalty, including:  

  • A fawn rattle 
  • A crinkly badger blanky 
  • A take-along electronic bird 
  • A crinkly peek-a-boo game to learn object permanence 
  • An electronic squeaker 
  • A mirror 

Kinderkraft Sea Land Educational Playmat 

This adorable ocean themed playmat will bring hours of joy, with an array of brilliant aquatic-themed toys: 

  • A plush octopus 
  • A plush fish with teether and pipe 
  • An octopus mirror with rustling tentacles 
  • A sensory ball 
  • 13 contrasting cards to be placed in the liftable pockets 

As an added bonus, this playmat doubles as a ball pool! Simply lift the sides and join them together, then fill the pool with the twenty colourful balls and watch your child giggle with glee. 

Say Hello 4 in 1 Discovery World Playmat 

With a delightful sky theme and four modes of use, the Say Hello mat is a strong contender for the best baby play mat on the market. In just one product you get: 

  • A multisensory gym 
  • A tummy time playmat with a supportive cushion 
  • A crawling discovery tunnel 
  • An activity playmat 

Plus, a range of brilliant toys like: 

  • A star teether 
  • A sun with mirror 
  • A moon with tactile rattling rings 
  • A plush ball with rattle 
  • A crinkly star 
  • A textured cloud teether 
  • A blanket with a teether on the corner 

This playmat also comes with original sensory tunes “Say Hello to the Sun” and “To and Fro” which your child will love whilst watching the lights twinkle in time to. 

Tiny Love Gymini- Under the Sea 

Your little mermaid or merman will love this marvellous ocean adventure gym, and the baby-activated electronic crab that accompanies it will soon become a treasured friend, as well as teaching cause and effect. This gym also comes with: 

  • Sliding rings for flexible toy positioning 
  • A mirror 
  • Teething rings 

Tiny Love SuperMat Meadow Days 

This extra-large machine washable mat is super easy to fold and carry and comes with: 

  • An adjustable standalone mirror 
  • A peek-a-boo tree 
  • A crinkly fox tail 
  • A carrot teether 
  • A peek-a-boo pocket 
  • Shiny satin ribbons 

Skip Hop Camping Cubs Activity Gym 

Your little camper will have so much fun in this woodland themed play gym which has four modes, including: 

  • Overhead play 
  • Tummy time (aided by a cute sleeping bear tummy time pillow) 
  • Seated play 
  • Playmat 

There is also a selection of adorable woodland critters that accompany this play gym, such as: 

  • A light up firefly 
  • A turtle mirror 
  • A bear rattle 
  • A musical raccoon with wooden teether that plays twinkle twinkle little star 

MamaToyz Map Play Mat 

A cute new spin on the iconic car play mat, this mat comes with a selection of buildings, vehicles and people for your tot to move around on the beautifully designed map. This mat, suitable for cuties aged six months and up, is also super convenient for parents as it turns into a carry bag when zipped! 

Kinderkraft Luno Foam Mat 

A foam play mat is a popular choice among parents thanks to the thermal insulation and protection against bumped bottoms that they offer. The Kinderkraft Luno has the highest thickness on the market, making it absolutely perfect for your sprog’s first forays into crawling as well as those wobbly first steps. Plus, the mat is size adjustable, as the thirty elements which interlock in a puzzle format can be added or removed as necessary.  

Hopefully you’ve spotted the best baby play mat or gym for your angel among this marvellous selection. But don’t worry if not- as you can find plenty more excellent play gyms and mats at Kiddies Kingdom. 

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