All the Different Uses for a Muslin Square

What are muslin squares? They are a staple part of every mother and her baby’s life. You can do a lot more than just burp your little one or clean up their messes. You can never have enough muslin squares. An endless supply is especially needed in the first few months of your babe growing up. So, get ready for the muslin cloth to be your best friend! We’ve rounded up some of the most essential uses for muslin cloths, both for your baby and around the home.


What are muslin squares?

Muslin squares are a small cloth that comes handy when breastfeeding or bottle feeding your child. You can be rest assured, it’ll wipe away all your worries. A muslin cloth can be easily used to wipe away any excess milk or spit up around your baby’s mouth. It can also be used during winding. Place the little square over your shoulder when you are burping your baby. Then rub their back and the muslin will protect your clothing from any sick. A newborn baby feeds every 2 to 3 hours, or at times constantly. So, be prepared to invest in a lot of muslin squares. Sustainable cotton and organic cotton muslin are the best options for your little one. They are free from chemicals, produced in natural environments and kinder to their skin – such as these Little Bamboo Muslin squares that are made from renewable resources and 30% cotton.

Around the home

  • Sieving jam: There’s nothing better than homemade jam. Even better, a muslin cloth works a treat in the process of making it. It’s remarkably different from store-bought jam and not as complicated to make as you may think. Use the muslin cloth to strain the mixture and get rid of the big chunks of seeds.
  • Skin care: When it comes to your night-time skincare routine, whether it’s cleansing your face or exfoliating, muslin squares work wonders. Muslin’s are perfect for wiping away makeup, softly exfoliating and cleansing the skin, all at the same time. Plus, it can be much gentler than other exfoliators on the market.
  • Pest control: If you’re scared of creepy crawlies, fear not, muslin squares will save the day! For all of you creative parents, grab one and fill it with Potpourri. Then, tie a knot at the top. You can hang this concoction up in bedrooms and wardrobes or place it in drawers, for a scent which will freshen up the air nicely. Alternatively, you can also douse a cotton ball in peppermint oil and wrap it in a muslin cloth, to scare away those pesky bugs.

For your baby

  • Swaddling: There may come a time where you can’t find your swaddle wrap. This is where a large muslin can be used instead as a baby swaddle. To do this, fold your muslin over, placing your babe shoulder height of the fold. Then, wrap them up tightly and securely so they’re safe in your arms. Before you know it, you’ll have your little one all swaddled up and ready to be lulled to sleep.
  • Teething: Your tot will be dribbling and chewing 24/7. Another useful tip for the muslin is that it can act as a comforter when your baby is teething. They can use the edge to chew or suck, whilst the muslin soaks up all the dribble at the same time. For extra comfort, wrap up a small ice cube in the middle of the muslin. This way your child’s teething process is as pain-free as possible.
  • Nappy Changing: A muslin cloth can make a great alternative to a changing mat – whether you have forgot yours or don’t have chance to make it to the mat! Simply lay your muslin cloth on the floor and lay your baby down on it. In addition to this muslin can help to cover your baby if they dislike having their nappy off and can even act as a lightweight summer nappy.

The muslin cloth is a brilliant, versatile material. Not only for your child’s use, but also for around the home. Best of all, it’s a natural living hack that’s biodegradable, doesn’t contribute to landfill and has a myriad of purposes when it comes to your tot! There’s plenty more uses for the trusty muslin squares. These are just a few of the advantages as a parent. As with all things for your treasure, it’s worth investing in high-quality and ethically sourced goods, which are gentler on their sensitive skin.



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