The Big Giveaway Winners + Exclusive Discount Codes!

Finally We have now chosen the winners of our Kiddies Kingdom ‘The Big Giveaway’! We had a few thousand entries – thank you to all those that took part. As per our promise, its always a win/win situation when you enter a Kiddies Kingdom Competition. We are issuing exclusive discount codes for the products that were in the competition, for our facebook fans and competition entrants to take advantage of. The discount codes will ensure that you are getting the best deal in the country for the products in question. Hurry as the discount codes are only active until Monday 30th September.

Exclusive Discount Codes:

CLEOBG – 15% OFF Graco Cleo 2-in-1 Pram

NANIABG – 5% OFF All Nania Car Seats

15% OFF ALL Mee Go Cotbeds

5% OFF ALL Dormouse Moses Baskets

5% OFF ALL Chicco Mia Baby Bouncers

Note: Discount codes end 12pm Monday, 3Oth September.


5 of Our Lucky Winners!

1. Bente Hagen: wins the Dormouse Wicker Basket Bailey!

2. Amanda Rothwell: wins the Graco Cleo 2-in-1 Pram!

3. Annmarie Loyns: wins the Chicco Mia Baby Bouncer!

4. Lindsay Gemmill: wins the Mee Go Cotbed!

5. Zoe Goulding: wins the Nania Car seat!

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The Kiddies Kingdom Team

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