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5 Products to Help Baby Get a Good Night Sleep

Whilst we can’t promise that these products can guarantee sleep, they will certainly go a long way to helping your little one drift off peacefully, and maybe even sleep through the night (perhaps…maybe…hopefully?!?!)

Tiny Love Soothe N Groove Mobile

This fabulous mobile grows with your baby. It starts as a gorgeous crib mobile with 18 different tunes to soothe your little one to sleep, and as your baby grows it converts to a stand alone music box that your child can carry around and play tunes to their hearts content.

Isi Mini Bear Night Light

The mini bear night light offers a warm and soothing glow to not only aid bedtime stories, but also to help your little one drift off to sleep in comfort. You can choose from white, yellow, blue and green, and the light is operated by a simple tap on the bears’ head.

Bed E Bgyes: Bramble and Smudge Bed E Ba

Keeping your baby warm and snugly at night will help them feel secure and protected. Our Bramble and Smudge sleeping bags are perfect as they ensure a cosy nights sleep by avoiding unnecessary nightly wakings due to blankets being thrown off by flailing little legs, making sure your little one is warm and snugly from dusk until dawn (or a little bit later if you’re lucky!)

Ewan the Dream Sheep Snuggly

Every little person needs a night-time companion, and what better sleeping buddy than the soft, plush and silky fabric of this gorgeous Ewan the Dream Sheep snuggly?  The fabric easily absorbs mummy or daddy’s scent to provide extra reassurance and security for your baby as they drift off to sleep.

My Little Star Moses Basket

When your baby is first born they like to feel safe and secure (much like being back in mummy’s tummy) so cots can feel a bit too large and spacious. Moses baskets are a good first bed as they are small and cosy so will help your baby feel protected. Our Little Star Moses basket is not only comfortable but also comes with a rocking stand, so you can gently rock your baby off to sleep.

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