Advantages of a Cellular Blanket

What is a cellular blanket?

Cellular baby blankets are made from cotton, so they are super soft and perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. They are also the best option of bedding for your newborn. This is due to the material consisting of tiny holes which allows airflow, ensuring the safety of your little one. Cellular baby blankets should be a top priority on any parent’s checklist!

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The benefits of a cellular baby blanket

There is a wide range of newborn bedding on offer, from growbags to swaddling blankets. It can be hard to know which option is the best. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, what are the benefits of opting for cellular baby blankets?

  1. Temperature regulation

The small holes in a cellular blanket mean your baby’s warmth will be controlled. As, its breathable fabric allows body heat to escape, minimising the risk of overheating. This is essential for newborns because the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) is increased due to overheating.

  1. Breathable material

Babies tend to wriggle and move about a lot, which can be dangerous as their blankets could cover their faces in the process, causing suffocation. The structure of a cellular baby blanket is yet again very beneficial in this case. Its tiny holes allow your baby to breathe without difficulty, even if the blanket moves. However, you must still ensure your baby is safe by placing them at the bottom of their bed, with the blanket wrapped securely around them. Then, if they do wriggle, they will move up the bed and away from the blanket.

  1. Easy to wash

Cellular baby blankets are ideal for all those little accidents that your tot is bound to have, and believe us, there will be many! A dribbling baby is inevitable, so you can count yourself lucky that such blankets are simple to machine wash, and they dry quickly. Thankfully, your little one will never be away from their blanket for too long.

  1. Easy to layer

Due to its permeable material, cellular baby blankets are easy to layer whenever deemed necessary, depending on the temperature of your child’s bedroom.

The general rule of thumb is:

o   24°C room temperature – 1 sheet

o   21°C room temperature – 1 sheet plus 1 layer of blanket

o   18°C room temperature – 1 sheet plus 2 layers of blanket

o   15°C room temperature – 1 sheet plus 3 layers of blanket

At Kiddies Kingdom we have a variety of cellular blankets for babies, as well as a range of other bedding items to make sure your little one has a comfortable and safe night’s sleep.


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