How Long Can a Baby Sleep in a Moses Basket?

How Long Can A Baby Sleep in a Moses Basket?

As hard as it is to imagine, your tiny, gorgeous, snuffling baby will soon start to grow, and the items that seem too big for them now will quickly become very small. Their moses basket, for example, will soon need to be replaced by a cot, but when should you make the move?

Top tips for making better use of your Moses Basket

1. Generally, moses baskets are perfect for the first 3 months, as they keep your baby safe, secure and comforted whilst they adjust to the outside world. Moses basket stands are increasingly popular and are used to help your baby drift off to sleep as it replicates the gentle rocking motion they felt whilst in the womb.

2. When you put your baby down to sleep you must ensure their feet are at the bottom of the basket, this reduces the chance of them wriggling underneath their covers whilst sleeping. As your baby grows taller you will find that their head starts to get closer to the top of the basket, at this point the move to a cot is appropriate.Baby yawning in a moses basket3. As soon as your baby can roll over. The move to a cot is especially important if this occurs in a rocking moses basket, as this rolling could cause injury.

4. Moses baskets are generally suitable for babies with a weight of 9kg or below, as soon as your child gets heavier then you should move them into a cot.

5. Whilst babies tend to learn to sit up on their own from about 4 to 7 months, if your child does start to develop this ability early then you must move them out of their moses basket as soon as possible. This is also true if your child starts to push themselves onto their knees and hands.

Transitioning from Moses basket to cot

To make the transition from moses basket to cot easier for your little one, you may want to place the moses basket inside the cot for a few days so your baby becomes used to their new surroundings before they go into their big bed.

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