How to Carry a Car Seat

Carrying a car seat isn’t easy; the seat itself can be rather heavy and then couple that with a growing baby and it’s just going to get heavier and heavier, so it is important that you know how to carry a car seat correctly and safely. Carrying a car seat can put a lot of strain on your shoulders, back, hips, arms and knees. Lifting and carrying a car seat so soon after giving birth can risk your recovery so it is important to be extra careful whilst you’re recovering, and you shouldn’t attempt it if you have had a caesarean. Whilst newborn car seats are designed to keep a baby safe in the car, they aren’t necessarily designed for carrying your child around comfortably or for long periods of time. Typically, when we carry a car seat, we do it with one hand which can put a lot of pressure and weight on one side of our body for a start and then the way we position our arms can be uncomfortable and unnatural.

As a result of struggling to carry a car seat, a plethora of solutions have been suggested by a number of different people but one which has been popular is the method used by Dr Emily Puente. This hack went viral and has been tested by a large number of parents around the world.

carrying a car seat

What the Chiropractor says…

Dr Emily Puente is a Chiropractor and mother who came up with a handy hack for carrying a car seat which isn’t as strenuous on your joints as standard methods. Start by turning the car seat so your baby is facing you. Then loop your arm through the handle so that the inside of your elbow rests against it. The final step is to then twist your hand so that it is facing away from you and use it to support the underneath of the car seat.

The method has had mixed reactions, but it has been said that this is due to the differences in car seat brands and generally the method is helpful.

Dr Puente says that where possible you should try to use a carrier or wrap as these work to distribute your babies weight properly which helps to keep your back healthy and are generally quite handy to have around as you can multitask whilst wearing them.

There are other methods to carrying a car seat which have been shared across the internet however this tip has helped many parents and prevented many back pains since it first went viral and therefore it is sure worth a go if it means you save yourself some back or neck pain.

Before attempting to carry a car seat you should make sure you are physically capable of doing so to avoid injury and make sure you are adhering to your doctor’s advice on strenuous activity if you have not long given birth. It is important to avoid activities which could be harmful after you have given birth.

With a wide range of car seats available on Kiddies Kingdom, you’ll be able to find a car seat that enables you to safely and securely contain your child whilst also ensuring that you’re able to carry it without harm to yourself.

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