Understanding Car Seat Regulations in the UK: What Parents Should Know

As a parent or legal guardian, you must be aware of many details to keep your child safe. With 40% of parents admitting that car seats and their regulations are confusing, we wanted to share an informative article to eliminate the guessing work. 

Whether travelling with a delicate newborn or trying to keep an active early teen safe, knowing what car seat regulations relate to your circumstance is essential. As experts in all things car seats at Kiddies Kingdom, we have made it our mission to stay informed on the latest changes to industry regulations. 

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What Is the Current UK Law Pertaining to Car Seats?

The current UK car seat law was introduced in March 2017 due to enhanced testing and feedback from safety agencies nationwide. The regulations state that children must use a suitable car seat until they are 12 or 135cm tall, whichever comes first. These rules mean that height- and weight-based seats can break down the regulations to make it clear for parents to understand. As the rules are part of the UN Regulation No 129 (R129), all car seats used in the UK must be marked with a capital E to show they are i-Size and EU-approved. UK car safety rules also mean that children cannot sit in the front of the car until they exceed the car seat regulations in either height or weight.

The main reason for these rules is that testing was undertaken for crash impacts, and it was found that the previous set of rules left room for more injury, especially when backless booster seats were used. The current rules ensure that side impact is reduced should an accident occur. 

Another aspect of the regulations is that all car seats must be properly fitted using either an Isofix mount or a diagonal seat strap. It is also required that children younger than 15 months should be seated rear-facing, so not sticking to these rules could also land you in some hot water! If parents do not adhere to these rules, then an on-the-spot fine of up to £500 can be issued, so it’s not worth taking things by chance.

To learn more about the importance of R129 car seats, click the link.

What Type of Car Seats Are Ideal for Each Age?

As explained in the previous section, you should choose a car seat based on the child’s height or weight to adhere to UK regulations. These can be better defined as follows:

  • Height-based child seats are known officially as i-size seats. These models are often adjustable and confirm the suitable heights for use, making it simple to purchase the right seat for the job.  
  • Weight-based child seats can be chosen based on the child’s current measurements. You will see that most UK seating is broken down by weight class. These are 0 kg to 10kg or 13kg, 9kg to 18kg, 15kg to 25kg and 22 kg to 36.

We have made it simple for shoppers as our car seat collection is divided into 12 categories ranging from 0 months to 12 years. 

You can also segment car seats by those that are rear-facing and ones that are forward-facing. Rear-facing seats are suitable from birth to 15 months and offer enhanced protection for newborns plus babies. These seats must be fitted in the back of the car and ideally in the centre of the seats to reduce risk if an impact is made. They must also be positioned away from airbags. Some product examples that fit this specification are the Maxi Cosi Cabriofix and the Cozy N Safe Comet 360 Rotation.

Once a child is over 15 months, they can use a forward-facing car seat ideal for height and weight. This must still be positioned in the car’s rear, but parents can have a bit more flexibility regarding the model they select. The same installation rules apply to all seats, but a few extra considerations exist when selecting a seat for older children. This includes the adjustability of the seat and the compatibility with the car’s internal safety features, such as the seat belt and headrests. Examples of products ideal for growing children include the Joie Every Stage FX and the Silver Cross Motion All Size 360.

The main rule when choosing any car seat is that they are correctly fitted and secured. This means that either i-Size or Isofix bases must be used. 

How to Ensure Your Car Seat Meets the Legal Requirements?

As long as you are selecting a car seat that is an i-Size model, you can rest assured that your seat will meet UK regulations. The only aspect you need to take into your own hands is ensuring a safe and secure installation.

I-Size was first launched in 2013 and applied to seats with Isofix fittings. This is because most car seats before this time relied on fitting via seat belts. 

Although finding an affordable second-hand or older seat can be tempting, there is a very high chance these will not align with the latest regulations, meaning you could be breaking the law. Our best advice is to buy new (or nearly new), choose a reputable retailer, and look for a European-approved marker to ensure the seat complies with the latest regulations. 

Are There Any Exceptions to the UK Car Seat Rules?

As it is UK law, you should always follow the rules closely, as not doing so will put your child and clean driving licence at risk. There are, however, a few situations in which the rules are, at the discretion of the legal agent, able to be allowed for as an exceptional circumstance.

These are as follows:

  • If the back seat is full with car seats, the third child can sometimes use their car seat in the front. If this is the case, it should only be a short journey, and the proper installation processes must be followed. It should also be the eldest or tallest child that takes the position.  
  • In the case of an emergency, if a car seat is not available, children over the age of three can be secured using a seat belt. This must be a genuine emergency, such as a dash to A&E, not just because you have forgotten the car seat and still need to travel. It is illegal for children below this age to travel without a car seat, so alternative arrangements must be made if that is the situation. 
  • A child can also travel without a car seat in a taxi, minicab, minibus, coach or van. Children must still be secured with a seat belt during these journeys and also given assistance from their parents or a guardian to ensure safety is maintained.

What Are the Benefits of Investing in Legally-Approved Car Seats?

Choosing a car seat that meets UK regulations won’t just mean you eliminate the chance of being fined due to travelling incorrectly but also offers many other advantages.

Safety Assured

The main benefit is that safety is guaranteed for the child. I-size seats have been extensively crash-tested to ensure risks are reduced and, in some circumstances, eliminated. This gives you peace of mind that even a newborn is secure and ready for travel. Ill-fitting car seats put a child severely at risk as it means that if an impact is experienced, they are more likely to experience an injury. Modern seats fit securely and include shock absorbers to eliminate this.

Suitable for Modern Vehicles

Another bonus of regulation-suitable seats is that they are designed to be compatible with all modern vehicles. This allows the guessing work to be removed completely if you are looking for a family-friendly vehicle, as you know the car seat will be compatible. 

Improved Comfort

Not only are modern car seats designed to absorb impact and offer a secure seated experience, but they are also comfort-enhanced. Features such as robust yet cosy liners and cushioned headrests ensure that every aspect of a child’s travelling experience can be improved.

You should now have a clear understanding of the UK car seat regulations. To stay up to date with the latest amendments to UK travel law, keep an eye on our blog and always contact us if you have any questions. Whether you need to know how to fit a car seat securely to meet the regulations or need support in choosing the right model for you, our team is on hand to help!

Why Choose Kiddies Kingdom?

At Kiddies Kingdom, we specialise in supplying quality products for children. From car seats to toys and gifts, our website features curated collections designed to take the guessing work away from buying the best products. 

When choosing a car seat, we understand the significance of the purchase. As well as wanting to guarantee safety, it’s also important to ensure budget needs are met as, let’s face it, children are expensive! By only supplying quality accessories, we have made it our aim to ensure that parents have a place to shop that has already done the groundwork for them. 

Our car seats include safety advice and clear specifications and are supported by an expert team who can answer any questions. Once armed with the knowledge in this article and our extensive collection of car seats, selecting your perfect model is a breeze. 

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