What to consider when choosing a cot bed

Kiddies Kingdom What to consider when choosing a cot bed

So, the first few heady months of parenthood have flown by in a haze of milk, nappies and sleepless nights, and now your precious little bubba is ready to move from their moses basket into their new bed. You have decided that a cot bed is the best option for you, probably due to its longevity, as they convert easily from a cot to a bed by simply removing one of the sides.

But, what should you consider when trying to pick the perfect cot bed?



As with all things, the price range available on cot beds vary widely. You can spend anywhere from £50 to £1000 for a cot bed. The decision really comes down to budget, and whether you are happy with a cheaper, more basic bed, or want a fancier version, with little extras like under bed storage. Though cot beds don’t really vary that much, price is generally dependent on the quality of material and the craftsmanship used to create the piece.



There are a number of different styles of cot bed you can choose from. Drop-sided cots have a side that drops down, this can help you lower your baby in and out of the bed easily. Sleigh cot beds have become increasingly popular, as they look impressive and add a stylish element to the nursery. Or, you could go for a simple but sturdy standard cot bed.



If you plan on putting your baby in the cot when they are small, then ensure your chosen cot bed has a height- adjustable base. This normally comes with 3 different levels, the highest allows you to pop your baby in and out easily, and then you lower the base as your baby starts to move, to prevent them climbing or falling out of the cot.



Cot beds should be comply with British Safety Standard(BS EN 716-1:2008+A1:2013) or European Safety Standards. This requires that the cot bars should be no more than 6.5cm apart. There should be no protrusions on the top rail where a child could catch their clothes, and there should be no footholds, ledges or cut-outs that your baby can use to climb out of the cot.



And finally, don’t forget the mattress! It should be firm, clean and dry with no more than a 4cm gap between the mattress and the cot sides.

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