A Parent’s Checklist: Must-Have Features in a Pushchair

Choosing the right pram for your needs is the difference between making life simpler with a little one and overcomplicating things. You need a pushchair that works for your lifestyle and slots into your family just like your new, precious baby. Despite what you may think, not all pushchairs are the same and they don’t have identical features. 

Since there are so many to choose from, choosing a new pushchair can be an overwhelming experience, but it’s an important decision. At Kiddies Kingdom we are experts in all things prams, strollers and pushchairs so we’ve taken all the hard work out of choosing a pushchair to make things easier and more fun for you. 

Here is your parent’s checklist and must-have features to look out for when choosing the perfect pushchair. 

Parent’s checklist 

Here is an overview of the features we recommend that you look for when choosing a pushchair: 

  • Good suspension and puncture-proof wheels
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Long-lasting and grows with your child
  • Versatility and has multiple uses
  • Stunning appearance
  • High standard of safety and comfort
  • Additional features. 

As well as looking at our recommended features, think about what you want to get out of your pushchair and what sort of lifestyle you have. Different prams are designed for different lifestyles from urban dwellers, to rural families and those that enjoy adventures and travelling. 


When choosing a pushchair, having a good, all-round suspension is important for the comfort of your precious passenger. Plus, it means the pushchair can withstand more uneven and tricky terrain, therefore opening up more opportunities for you and your baby. 

The Bugaboo Fox 3 pushchair is a great example of a good all-rounder as it’s the most comfortable go-anywhere, do-anything pushchair with ergonomic features that also make it one of the safest rides in town. It features a central joint suspension that provides stability on even the toughest paths for a smooth and comfortable ride. The Fox is still an agile pushchair that is easy to handle, packs down small enough to travel around with and has a small frame that fits through narrow doorways, all while offering excellent suspension for comfort and safety. 

Ease of use 

The last thing you need when you’re juggling a little one is a complicated pushchair that takes ages to set up. Choose a pushchair that is super easy to use and has design elements that make your life as a parent simpler. Some examples of easy-to-use features include a one-hand compact holding mechanism, simple to adjust safety harness or one-hand recline positions. 

The Cybex Priam pushchair has been designed with busy parents in mind. It easily and quickly folds down into a compact package using only one hand and it features a new one-pull harness system, bringing greater ease for you and greater comfort for little ones. A world-first, this harness concept can be precision-fitted in seconds with just one hand for the perfect fit, every time.


Pushchairs are an investment and something you will likely use regularly, so you want to make sure you buy the right one that’s going to last a long time. If you have a newborn, you’ll need a pushchair that has either a carrycot or a seat that fully reclines to a lie-flat position. When they reach around 6 months old, you can transfer your baby into a seat unit and sit them up properly. 

Make sure you choose a pram that can accommodate your newborn and adapt as they grow, so you don’t need to buy a new pram further down the line. This egg 2 bundle comes with everything you need to get you started with a newborn and beyond! 

Not only does it have a stunning design but it includes a stroller, carrycot, infant car seat, ISOFIX base, adapters backpack and footmuff. The pushchair is suitable from birth with the carrycot and up to 25kg with the seat unit. 


This is particularly important if you are an adventurous parent who likes to go off-road just as much as wandering the city streets on a shopping trip. If you plan on taking your little cherub on many different adventures then you need a pushchair that offers multiple uses and can withstand uneven and rocky terrain but still be able to manoeuvre the busy city streets and fit through narrow doorways. 

A good example of this is the Ickle Bubba Venus Stroller. It allows you to push yourself and your little one to the limits and encourages off-road adventure but is still a great pram for everyday, urban and rural use.  This three-wheel, air-filled tyres have a thick treat, making it a perfect pushchair for tackling all terrains. 


Pushchairs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and beautiful designs. Since you’ll be using your pushchair regularly, maybe even daily, it’s important that you not only like your pushchair but you love it, and that starts with the design. 

Silver Cross is famous for creating stunning, luxurious prams that look amazing and turn heads. Their pushchairs and travel systems come in a range of beautiful colours including, nudes, greys, greens and blues. Made with luxury, soft fabrics and plush seating, the Silver Cross is the ultimate choice for parents who want a stylish pushchair. 

Safety and comfort

The most important thing to consider when choosing a pushchair is safety and comfort. Whilst all pushchairs on our website are from reputable brands and have been tested for safety, look out for the different features that they all have to offer. 

A perfect example of a pushchair that ticks all the boxes when it comes to safety and comfort is the Maxi Cosi Adorra pushchair. It has the supreme comfort you want to provide your child and all the features parents have come to expect from a premium Maxi Cosi product. It offers full recline positions and offers various positions to choose from. 

The stroller includes infant support for smaller babies and has super soft fabrics for delicate skin. It has a 5-point harness which is easy to adjust and a full sun-protection canopy to keep your baby safe from the elements. 

Additional features 

What else does the stroller offer? What additional features are incorporated to make your life easier and your baby’s rides smoother and more comfortable? Pushchairs come with all sorts of features so look out for things like adjustable handlebars, extra large baskets for storage, front wheel lock, footrest and little added extras like cupholders or phone holders. 

Consider your lifestyle and what you intend to use the pushchair for. For example, if you travel a lot, you will need a lightweight, compact pushchair that is easy to fold and small enough to fit into boots or cars or in small spaces on public transport. The Joie Parcel Signature is one of the lightest on the market, complete with an infant carrier and carry cot and it even includes a handy travel bag for easy transportation. 

Must-have features in a pushchair

Now you know some of the most important features to look out for when choosing the perfect pushchair for you and your little one. Safety and comfort for your little one is the most important aspect and you can rest assured that Kiddies Kingdom pushchairs go through rigorous testing from the manufacturers to make sure your precious traveller is safe and secure. 

Choose a pushchair that is easy to use, even whilst juggling a baby in one hand and a nappy bag in the other with features such as a one-hand fold or one-hand recline. Versatility is important if you’re an adventurous parent and you want to take your little one along for the ride so choose a pushchair with strong, puncture-proof wheels, a robust frame and all-round suspension. 

For more pushchair options, browse the Kiddies Kingdom website, where we stock a range of different types of stunning pushchairs to suit all needs and tastes.

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