Everything You Need to Know About Joie Strollers

Everything You Need to Know About Joie Strollers

Choosing the right stroller can make all the difference in a parent’s daily life. You need a good quality, easy-to-use and convenient stroller that suits your individual needs. Most importantly, you want a stroller that you can rely on to keep your precious passenger safe.

Joie strollers cater to various needs while maintaining the same top quality. They provide a smooth ride with safety and comfort in mind. Designed to make life a little easier, Joie strollers offer parents freedom and flexibility without challenge because all parents need convenience.

This post features the Joie Nitro, Litetrax, Versatrax, Brisk and EvaLite Duo. But don’t stop there! We have a wide range of Joie strollers on our website and handy pushchair accessories to choose from. Every stroller is different, and each one tells a unique story. So, maybe the question isn’t which stroller is best, but what’s your story?

Are you a parent who loves luxury and style without compromising on convenience and comfort? Maybe you’re an active go-getter parent who enjoys experiencing the outdoors with your little one. Are you a spontaneous, adventurous parent brimming with ideas for future family days out? Or are you a no-thrills kind of parent who enjoys things that get the job done and appreciates a smooth ride?

Whatever your story or situation, Joie has a stroller for you.  We have creative a guide to Joie strollers and answered one of the most popular asked questions, how to collapse a Joie stroller. As well as reading our guide on Joie strollers, research pushchair safety tips, so you can feel confident when using one of our pushchairs.

Joie Nitro


The Joie Nitro Stroller is a handy, no-fuss stroller designed for ease. Ready to ride with a lightweight chassis, storage compartment and convenient carry handle, this pushchair makes every outing a breeze. If you’re a parent who likes no fuss accompanied by good quality this stroller is for you.

It includes an all-weather, SPF50 canopy that folds and unfolds so it keeps your little one happy rain or shine. It has 5 easy reclining positions, perfect for your snoozy cruiser. Made with a comfortable harness that is soft and gentle on your baby’s skin, it keeps them safe and secure whilst you’re on the go.

The stroller has a four-wheel suspension and a front-wheel lock for smooth riding. To make things comfortable for parents, the Joie Nitro Stoller comes with a single-step brake, a large storage basket to store your essentials, and an easy and compactable folding system. This stroller is suitable from birth as it has a lie-flat lounger setting.

Joie Litetrax

The Joie Litetrax stroller has different models, the Joie Litetrax 3 and a 4-wheeler. In this section, we discuss both strollers individually so you can make an informed decision.

Joie Litetrax 4

The Joie Litetrax 4 is stylish, streamlined, comfortable, and suitable from birth to 15kg. This stroller offers comfort for your baby by providing the perfect position and fit. With a 4-position mechanical recline and 2-position adjustable leg rest, your little one can get all snug and cosy. The mechanical recline offers smooth position adjustments, so it won’t wake your slumbering baby. What a dream!

Feel confident that your baby is safe with an all-around suspension, a 5-point harness that adjusts to 3 heights and a padded bumper bar. In addition, the protective canopy fully extends, offering your baby more protection from the sun.

Just pull, and hey, presto! With an instant fold mechanism, parents can collapse the stroller with one hand, making it simple to fold in an instant.  The Joie Litetrax 4 is for parents who value style with comfort and convenience.

Joie Litetrax 3

The Joie Litetrax 3 is excellent for outdoor activities so is the ideal choice for active families. The three-wheel feature adapts well to the rough ground, so this stroller is the perfect choice if you plan on taking your little one for an off-road spin. This stroller is for the active, strapped-for-time, safety-conscious parent.

Rest assured that you can still have outdoor adventures, knowing your precious baby is safe and enjoying the ride. With everything the Joie Litetrax 4 has (minus a wheel) but with a sporty edge, it is designed to transport your little one in comfort and style whilst offering more versatility to your outings.

With this stroller, there are no excuses not to go for your daily exercise or to get outside in the fresh country air. Strap your little one in, throw on a pair of trainers and off you go. The Joie Litetrax 3 is lightweight, made with plush and sporty fabrics with sleek lines, so it feels great to push and looks good too.

When you’re done, unclip your little one, and the stroller folds in a flash. This stroller (and the Litetrax 4) pairs perfectly with Joie i-Gemm car seats making them quick and convenient when transferring your baby from car to stroller.

Joie Versatrax

Everything You Need to Know About Joie Strollers

Meet the Joie Versatrax Stroller, designed to enable you to travel far and experience more. This stroller encourages enjoyment and adventure with its 4-in-1 multiway usage; it adapts effortlessly to your baby’s ever-changing needs and your situation.

In one sweet ride, this multitasker combines a carrycot, infant carrier, and forward and rearward-facing seat so you can enjoy fluidity and quick changes on your family days out. This stroller features a quick-release button at the back and a one-piece fold; there’s no need to double over as you pack it away. Whether the seat is fastened forward or rearward, the Joie Versatrax tucks away nicely and stands ready to store.

Take this stroller anywhere on family adventures, as the rubber foam-filled tyres can easily tackle tricky terrain, and the super spacious undercarriage basket is ready to load to the max! Pack a picnic and store it in the basket for a park visit or take your essentials for a full day at the zoo.

The Joie Versatrax Stroller is perfect for parents and families looking for adventures and days out and for a stroller that is long-lasting. This stroller will be with your child as they grow and change and will become an essential part of your parenting kit. Wherever it is that brings you joy, the Versatrax can go with you.

Joie Brisk Stroller

The Joie Brisk Stroller is a cute little sidekick with all the perks of a full-sized stroller but compact and petite. This stroller is fun, playful, and kind of like a reliable best friend. It is suitable from birth with its 5-position flat reclining seat and multi-position calf support. This stroller is made from top-quality materials and maintains precision performance and is perfect for the on-the-go parent who wants something that won’t let them down.

The Joie Brisk Stroller may be small but big in character, including many features of other Joie strollers, such as the single-step lock, storage basket and fold-away canopy.  The Brisk stroller offers endless possibilities.

Included in the price are some handy accessories. Keep your baby warm and dry with the waterproof cover and footmuff, and allow them more freedom and flexibility with the removable bumper bar. These are invaluable extras and are pushchair accessories not to be without.

Joie EvaLite Duo Tandem

The Joie EvaLite Duo Tandem stroller is a double stroller that is ideal for parents who don’t want the hassle of not being able to manoeuvre through tight spaces with a large system. The Joie EvaLite Duo is designed to make travelling with two twice as nice.

This stroller is brilliantly engineered to carry all the luggage without the load. Weighing in at only 10kg, this is one of the lightest double pushchairs out there. Double trouble doesn’t have to mean double the hassle.

Suitable right from birth, the Evalite’s rear seat reclines flat whilst the front seat offers a 1-position recline, keeping both children happy and comfy. This clever system has ample storage space in the basket, carries two children but still fits into most small boot cars!

Frequently asked questions

What Kind of Stroller Can I Take on a Plane?

There is no better feeling than taking your family on holiday abroad. Making precious memories in a foreign land is what parents and children treasure forever. Home or abroad, your little ones still need to be pushed around in their strollers either as babies or for older children when their little legs tire. Even mini-explorers need a break and a nap every so often.

Taking your stroller away with you should be hassle-free. Any fully collapsible stroller can be taken on a plane. Most airlines will take your stroller away as you’re boarding and store it in the holding facilities on the aircraft, meaning you won’t need to worry about keeping it in the overhead lockers.

All Joie strollers are fully compactable and lightweight, making it easy to fold them quickly and conveniently as you board without holding up a queue behind you.

Some airlines have specific measurement criteria for taking strollers on board, so it is always best to check with your chosen airline before travelling. But with Joie stroller’s sleek and slender design, you should have no trouble boarding your plane or during your jolly holidays.

How do I collapse a Joie stroller?

Equipped with one-hand easy fold, parents can fold and juggle the children at the same time. Some Joie strollers are slightly different to collapse. With most strollers, there is a button around the back of the stroller, on the handlebars or seat to press for easy folding. For strollers with a bumper bar, simply hold the handlebars and bumper, press the release and fold. Make sure the canopy is folded back and the basket is empty before folding.

How to clean a Joie stroller

Cleaning up afterwards should be as painless as the pram itself. Don’t be afraid to take your stroller for a spin through all types of terrain; it can handle it. And all parents know nothing stays clean forever when a child is involved.

  • Wipe down the frame with household soap and warm water.
  • Brush away any debris on the seat with your hands or a flexible vacuum nozzle.
  • Removable seat pads may be washed in cold water and drip dried.
  • Never use bleach or detergent.

So, which stroller is best?

Have you made a decision on which Joie stroller is best for you?

To conclude, consider what you want your stroller to do and what functions are essential to you. Remember that whichever stroller you choose, we at Kiddies Kingdom are here to provide you with top-quality baby products to make you are your little one smile.

Jazz up your wheels with the recommended accessories, and you’re ready to roll. Happy strolling!

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