How to Clean a Pushchair


With the warmer weather gradually getting nearer it’s nice to have a spruce up of the things we use on a regular basis, such as your pushchair. Keeping these clean can seem like a mammoth task, however, with these simple instructions your mud splattered, food stained, sticky pushchair can look and feel show room worthy again.


Use a vacuum cleaner with a flexible nozzle to suck up all the loose dirt and crumbs. This will help get in all the small gaps and hard to reach places, don’t forget any pockets and storage areas.

  1. If any of the fabric parts are removable, take these off and wash them on a gentle cycle.
  2. Use a towel and a gentle child-safe soap with warm water to wash the pushchair. Focusing on any stains, a small fabric brush or a tooth brush can help with any ground in stains. Remember to clean the handles.
  3. Rinse the pushchair with the hose pipe or a bucket of clean water. Make sure you wash away all the soap. Pay close attention to the wheels and give them an extra blast with the hose pipe on a jet setting if required.
  4. If any stains remain use a child-safe stain remover and a fabric brush or tooth brush, pushchairs are made of sturdy stuff so don’t be afraid to scrub as required.
  5. Once everything is clean and dry reattach any fabric you removed in step three. To prevent rust and mould, make sure your pushchair is completely dry before you fold it away. Air drying in the sun or at room temperature is best for both the metal frames and fabric.

Once your pushchair is as good as new and ready to use again it really is worth purchasing a seat liner. Whilst it seems obvious, these really do protect your pushchair. They are ideal as they are easily removed and can be put in the washing machine on a gentle cycle, ready for your next outing.


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