Product Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Silver Cross Wayfarer

Product Guide: Everything You Need to Know About the Silver Cross Wayfarer

So you’re at the stage where you’re looking at prams, how exciting, and you’re considering the Silver Cross Wayfarer, an excellent choice. Silver Cross is informally known as the ‘Rolls Royce’ of prams because of their elegance, luxury and traditional yet contemporary style. Loved by the royals, these prams are known for their class and style, but are they suitable for your little prince or princess?

Making the final decision on a travel system can be challenging, especially since this essential piece of equipment will be your travel best friend for a while. We’ve put everything you need to know about one of the most popular Silver Cross prams, the Wayfarer, into this handy product guide. Feel confident that you’ve researched before choosing your travel system to make an informed decision for your precious little rider.

Features of the Silver Cross Wayfarer pram

Silver Cross is a well-known British brand that dates back to 1877. The brand is very popular, and the Silver Cross travel systems have an excellent reputation. The Wayfarer was booming in the 70s, and now it has returned with this newest model.

Perfect for urban lifestyles, the Wayfarer is designed for parents who want something convenient, reliable and stylish when they’re out and about. The Wayfarer is effortless to push, lightweight and easy to fold. Fitted with a sizeable basket for all your essentials and complete with in-line wheels, it makes strolling through the city a breeze.


  • highly polished chrome chassis
  • 4-wheel suspension
  • easy, one-button fold mechanism
  • adjustable handle
  • brake pedal
  • front wheel lock system
  • soft-lined carry cot with plush mattress
  • retractable hood with SPF 50
  • premium quality, reversible and retractable seat unit
  • adjustable straps
  • large basket
  • bumper bar
  • Genius harness system with magnetic buckle

Feel confident your baby is comfortable and safe with padded chest and harness pads and a 5-point magnetic safety buckle so your little wriggler can’t escape and is tucked in nicely.

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Colour Pack

On our Kiddies Kingdom website, we have the following colours available:

Special Edition Pram

The Silver Cross Wayfarer pram in constellation is a special edition pram, and it is gorgeous! It dazzles in tones of gold and glimmers against the rich, deep black. The colours beautifully complement the sleek, polished bronze chassis. This unique pram is out of this world with its cosmic style and is perfect for anyone looking for something a little different with something extra.

Silver Cross Wayfarer Extras

The Wayfarer comes with the baby carrycot and the seat unit, but the pram offers so much more than that. The system partners perfectly with Silver Cross accessories such as footmuffs, changing bags and seat liners. You may be wondering which car seats are compatible with this model or what rain cover to choose; we’ve got all the answers.

Car Seat

You will need car seat adapters to attach an infant carrier to the chassis. These adapters fit easily into the chassis of the pram and are compatible with several Silver Cross car seats. Clip them in and use the Silver Cross Simplicity car seat, Simplicity Plus or the Dream Infant Carrier. These adapters also allow you to mix and match with other brands of car seats, including the Maxi Cosy and the Cybex car seat, making it a versatile choice.

Buggy Board/Ride-on-board

If you’ve got an older child who wants to come along for the ride, then a buggy board or a ride on board is what you need. Ride-on boards, convert a pushchair into a double carrier instantly. This clever accessory clips on the back of the pushchair and allows older children to sit or stand on it.

Most buggy boards are compatible with most prams, and with the Silver Cross Wayfarer being a popular pram, you won’t have trouble finding a compatible board. A popular brand of buggy boards is the Lascal, which is compatible with the Silver Cross Wayfarer.

Changing Bag

The Silver Cross Wayfarer has matchings to go with each colour. This model comes in four colours; therefore, there are four bags that go with it. The matching changing bags are the perfect accessory to complete the stylish look of your travel system and have handy compartments for all your bits and pieces.

Rain Cover

To keep your little one protected from the weather, a   is the ideal pram accessory. You will need a rain cover for the pushchair seat and a separate one for the car seat carrier to ensure a secure fit. The Silver Cross rain covers are compatible with the Wayfarer, or you can opt for a universal winter kit too.


The Wayfarer pram comes with a cosy, cushioned apron that zips on and off both the carrycot and the seat unit. It allows for a quick changeover whilst keeping your baby warm and cosy. You might also want to invest in a footmuff to keep your baby extra snug during the colder months. A footmuff is an inset for prams and pushchairs; they are available in various sizes and colours and are compatible with most pushchairs.

Accessories make a lovely stroll even more enjoyable and easy. Another option to keep your baby extra cosy is to put them in an adorable Silver Cross pram suit. You’ll be all set with your gorgeous pram and handy accessories, and your cute little teddy bear all wrapped up and warm in their suit too.

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The ‘How to’ Section

We know parents are busy people, so trying to work out how to clean your pram, attach the rain cover or recline and collapse isn’t an ideal way to spend your precious time. Here we have put together a how-to section with simple explanations, so you can get the job done quickly and spend more time enjoying your travel system.

How to Clean

Silver Cross recommends not putting any fabrics in the washing machine or tumble dryer or using bleach. It can be so tempting to throw everything in the washing machine and be done with it, but the last thing you need is any damage to be done to your travel sidekick.

Your pram will inevitably need a good spruce up now and again to remove snack stains, little spills and muddy wheels after a fun family day out or a walk in the park. The Silver Cross Wayfarer is robust and made with durable materials to withstand the chaos. Still, it’s lovely to be strolling around with a beautiful-looking pram with your baby.

Hand washing the Wayfarer is simple, and if done regularly enough, it shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes to have it gleaming and dazzling again.

Here are just 4 simple steps to a fresh-looking pram.

Step 1. Hoover the seat to remove any crumbs or loose dirt.

Step 2. Use warm, soapy water and a soft sponge to remove stains on the fabric.

Step 3. Clean the wheels with a damp cloth and a fine brush with warm water.

Step 4. Wipe the chassis with warm water and a soft sponge and wipe off excess water with a dry cloth.

And that’s it! Do the same for the hood and the cover apron, too, for a thorough cleaning.


Care and Maintenance

Like any pram, the Silver Cross Wayfarer needs proper care and maintenance. To keep it agile, safe and efficient, follow these helpful tips.

  • When folding the pram, ensure the front wheels are locked and aligned to reduce the risk of damage.
  • Regularly lubricate all moving parts.
  • Check the chassis for signs of wear and ensure the brake is in complete working order.

How to Attach a Rain Cover

The rain cover is designed to be used with the hood attached to the pram and can be used with the carrycot and the seat unit. Pull the rain cover over the pram to cover the carrycot or seat. Use the Velcro on either side of the cover to secure around the pram and use the hooks to attach to the chassis. You will need a separate rain cover for your car seat. Pull the hood towards the foot of the seat, cover it with the rain cover, and ensure it is securely in place. Open the window for ventilation.

How to Recline the Wayfarer pram seat

At the back of the seat unit, there is an easy-to-access lever. Pull the lever, and the seat reclines to three positions. Ensure the seat is securely in place before letting go of the lever. Remember that the reclining position is only possible with the seat unit. Babies under 6 months old should be in the carrycot, laid flat until they are old enough and strong enough to sit up independently.

How to Collapse the Wayfarer Pram

If using a car seat or carrycot with the chassis, remove them first. If using the seat unit, the system will collapse without removing it if the seat is forward facing. Press the release buttons on the handles simultaneously and push downwards, sliding the whole pram towards the floor. Ensure the undercarriage is empty to ensure full collapse.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Age Is the Silver Cross Wayfarer Suitable For?

The Silver Cross Wayfarer carrycot is suitable from birth to 9kg or 6 months (whichever comes sooner), and the Wayfarer seat unit is suitable from 6 months to 22kg or 4 years (whichever comes first).

What’s the Difference Between the Silver Cross Wayfarer and the Pioneer?

The carrycot and seat units for both models are identical and interchangeable. The main difference is between the chassis and the wheels.

The Wayfarer is less expensive and is designed for people who are out and about, who don’t need something too heavy duty and is easy to push due to its smaller profile. The Pioneer is designed to be more robust and rigid, it has more suspension, and the types are a little more heavy-duty.

The Pioneer is designed for people who do a lot of walking or outdoor activities as it is intended to stand more, but it also costs more. For a perfect all-rounder pram, the Wayfarer does the job nicely.

Can the Silver Cross Wayfarer Turn into a Double?

If you’re looking for a pram that is twice as nice for your double trouble, you might want to try a different Silver Cross pram, as this one is only suitable for a single rider unless you have an older child that can ride along on a buggy board.

Are Silver Cross Prams Forward Facing?

The Wayfarer seat unit can be forward-facing or rearward facing. It is easy to change with just two release clips on either side of the pram, so your little one can see your face on their walks while you sing nursery rhymes or talk to them, or they can be frontwards facing and enjoy the view.

Now you know everything there is to know about the Silver Cross Wayfarer so you can make a well-informed decision. Choosing the right pram is one of many things to consider, though. Follow our pushchair safety tips to ensure your precious little rider stays safe and sound.

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