Which Silver Cross Stroller is Best for Your Lifestyle?

Which Silver Cross Stroller is Best for Your Lifestyle?

Choosing a stroller is an exciting experience, and it’s an important choice too. Your stroller will be your helpful assistant when getting your little one out and about. Choosing the perfect one for your needs can make going for a stroll with a young child much more manageable. There is a lot to consider when choosing your pushchair, and with so many choices, it can be challenging to know which is the best one for you.

It’s essential to think about your lifestyle and what you need to get from your stroller to suit your need and family life. Are you an urban dweller or an outdoor adventurer? Are you an on-the-go errand runner, or do you have double the trouble on your hands? Or are you lucky enough to enjoy jetting off to exotic islands?

The answers to these questions will determine which stroller is best for you. Silver Cross have a gorgeous range of strollers to suit different lifestyles, so we’re sure they’ve got the one for you.

What’s the Difference Between a Travel System and a Stroller?

Prams and strollers come as a single unit, as a 2-in-one with the carrycot and seat unit, or as a 3-in-1 with the infant carrier. A travel system is a pram that’s also compatible with infant carriers in place of a carrycot or stroller seat. These are ideal for carrying your baby from the car to the pram without much disturbance.

Complete travel systems are designed to be used from birth to around 4 years old, but that only means some system elements are suitable across that timeframe. As your baby gets older, you will likely want to diversify what you have as your needs change, which is why Silver Cross offer a range of strollers designed for toddlers without the need for a compatible carrycot and carrier.


Your baby must be securely placed in a comfortable, flat carrycot until they are around 6 months old or sitting up unaided. A carrycot is designed for your baby to lie comfortably on a cushioned, soft mattress which is ideal for taking in the new world around them during a relaxing ride.

Stroller Seat Unit

Once your baby has outgrown their carrycot reaches 6 months old, you can transfer them into a stroller seat unit, where they can sit up. The stroller seat unit can be used until your child reaches around 4 years old. Some strollers are suitable from birth if they have a lie-flat feature.

Car Seat

An infant carrier which is compatible with your pram chassis is perfect for newborn babies up until they reach 13kg in weight. After that, you will need to upgrade your infant carrier for a car seat that is suitable for them, and this model won’t be compatible with your pram. It’s best to invest in a complete travel system to start with and grow your travel equipment over time as your baby gets older.

Silver Cross Strollers and Travel Systems

One of the oldest pram companies there is, Silver Cross has been making strollers since 1877. They are a reputable, well-known British brand that parents have trusted for years, and even the royals have used the Silver Cross brand for their princes and princesses. Popular for its robustness and reliability as well as its classy and elegant design, you are guaranteed to turn heads if you push your little royal in one of these strollers or travel systems.

For the Urban Lifestyle

Parents living in towns and cities need a lightweight system that is easy to push around busy streets. Your stroller should be quick folding, light enough to pick up and easy to store to make getting in and out of the car hassle-free.

An ideal choice would be the Silver Cross Dune, as it fits all the criteria. This stroller is compact, agile and has enhanced suspension, making it easy to manoeuvre around city corners. With its straightforward, freestanding fold, it is designed to fit inside tight spaces like the boot of your car.

Another perfect choice for the urban lifestyle would be the Silver Cross Wayfarer. Both heavy-duty and durable, this stroller is a pleasure to steer with its convenient, reliable and stylish design, perfect for city breaks or a nip around town.

For the Outdoor Lifestyle

If you’re the type of parents who spend much of their time outdoors and on adventurous pursuits, you need a robust stroller with super suspensions and big wheels to deal with rugged terrain.

The Silver Cross Reef is the ultimate multi-terrain outdoor stroller. The wheels are larger than other Silver Cross strollers and are puncture-proof, surrounded by exposed springs for optimum comfort and support on every journey. The Reef also offers the first, bed-folding carrycot, so you can go out on an adventure for the day or overnight knowing that your little one is safe and sound when asleep in their stroller.

For the Active Lifestyle

If you’re eager to get back into your active lifestyle after having a baby, it’s essential to have the right stroller to keep your baby safe, but it’s also important to keep yourself safe too.

Inspired by mountain bike technology, the Silver Cross Surf is the whole package with puncture-proof wheels and air-spring suspension. It has a sizeable third wheel to convert this versatile, urban stroller, into a robust 3-wheel trekking stroller. This clever technology means you can easily switch between the two. Grab yourself a coffee, and a snack for your little one, then run through a nearby park whilst they have a lovely snooze. The Surf allows you the freedom to do both.

For advice, see our guide on everything you need to know about running with a baby, which also includes what type of stroller you need for the job.


For the On-the-Go Lifestyle

If you’re looking for an excellent, all-round stroller because you’re constantly on the go, you need an effortless, versatile and stylish stroller too. The Silver Cross Pioneer has a sleek, contemporary design, so it’ll look good no matter where you are

For a simpler design, the special edition, Silver Cross Comet Eclipse, is a unique option. This stroller oozes ease and comfort. It is the first of its kind with a ‘one seat fits all’ strolling solution. The Comet Eclipse has a beautiful black and rose gold design, so you can enjoy pushing your little one around in style.

For the Ultimate Family Lifestyle

If you plan on having a second baby not long after the first, then the Silver Cross Wave stroller is the one for you. It is the ultimate future-proof stroller for parents. This stroller will save you from buying a whole new system, as with just a simple reconfiguration, you can transform it from a single-rider stroller to a duo.

Another ideal option for a growing family is the Silver Cross Pop Duo. This stroller is designed for double the trouble with half the hassle. It is easy to push and can be folded with just one hand when juggling two children.

For the Wanderlust Lifestyles

If you love taking your little one on holiday, consider leaving your heavy-duty stroller at home and taking a more suitable one with you. If you’re going on a plane or travelling by car, you need a stroller that is quick to fold and easy to carry.

The Silver Cross Reflex has a streamlined design and adapts easily to quick-change situations on your jolly holidays. Equipped with a quick fold to help you board a plane, this means your toddler can sit in the stroller right up until boarding.

Another popular option for an adaptable holiday stroller is the Silver Cross Zest which is suitable from birth (due to its full lie-flat feature), making it a versatile and long-lasting choice. Exceptionally lightweight and slim, making it very transportable, the Zest is both comfortable and quilted and offers a smooth ride for mini holidaymakers.

Last but certainly not least, we highly recommend the Silver Cross Jet, which is specially designed for airline travel. It is cabin approved, and when folded, it stands on two wheels and can be pulled along like a suitcase. The stroller also comes with a luggage cover to protect it during transportation.


For Lifestyles with Toddlers

If you’re looking for a good all-around stroller for your baby or toddler that is simple to use and doesn’t come with all the baggage, the Silver Cross Pop is a popular choice. It has an exceptionally wide seat compared to other strollers, making it feel more like a full-sized stroller chassis but with less weight. The Pop stroller grows with your baby, so it is an ideal travel buddy from birth to toddlerhood for easy out-and-about riding.

Another stroller that is ideal for wriggly toddlers is the Silver Cross Clic. This model is similar to the Silver Cross Jet in that it is lightweight and compact so that it can be folded easily for transportation. It is also slightly more robust and bigger, so it is better used as a day-to-day stroller.

What Stroller Accessories Do I Need?

Once you have chosen your stroller, the fun doesn’t end there! Silver Cross offer a range of pushchair accessories to make your journeys more effortless and your baby happy and cosy. Choose from footmuffs for the cold winter months, matching changing bags to complete the stylish look or seat liners for extra comfort and padding.

Now that you’re all clued up on Silver Cross strollers, you can decide which stroller will suit your lifestyle best. We recommend starting with a complete travel system and gradually switching to singular unit strollers as your baby grows, or your needs change.

Happy strolling!

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