Top Tips on Preparing for Twin Babies

Having one baby is a nerve-racking enough but finding out you’re having two or more can be a scary thought. It can be a massive shock when you find out you’re expecting twins; it is both exciting and often daunting. It is common to feel like this; the majority of parents feel the same when they learn they are expecting twins. It is essential that when expecting twins that you do as much preparation as possible and as early as possible. Getting organised for twins can seem stressful but hopefully these top tips can help you out.

baby twins

Consult other Parents

You’ll find it rather comforting to discuss your fears and concerns with other parents of twins, they have after all been through everything you are currently going through and will be able to offer some of the best advice. Surrounding yourself with people who have similar experiences to your can be really reassuring ahead of the birth of your twins and it offers you a chance to ask all of the questions you’ve been wanting answers to. There is nobody better to ask than someone who has been through it all themselves.

Prepare for an Early Arrival

It is quite common for twins to arrive earlier than expected and sometimes they may have to spend some time in special care. For this reason, it is important to wrap your head around the fact that you may in hospital for a little longer. If you have other children, make some arrangements for them to be looked after so that you can focus on your twins. It is also rather common for those expecting twins to be put on bed rest by around 30 weeks. Knowing this it is advisable to try get all your preparations done by then; make sure you’ve had your baby shower and taken any maternity pictures.

Invest in Some New Pyjama’s

In the early weeks after your beautiful babies are born you will likely be very overwhelmed, so it is important that you not feel pressured to do anything other than take care of your babies. Before your babies arrive, it is advisable to purchase a few new pairs of good pyjamas; this way you can live in them and have enough pairs to not worry too much about all of the washing. Don’t worry if you never get changed out of pyjamas for the first few weeks as everyone will understand, and you’ll be a lot more comfortable that way.

Plan a Schedule

As you’ll have gathered by this point, preparation really is the key. With twins it is advisable to try and get them on the same schedule for everything as this way you can get more rest. Before your babies arrive, it is a good idea to come up with a schedule for feeding, sleeping and activity and then trying to stick to it as best as possible. It is also a good idea to think about who else can help you out, other than your partner as you may need an extra pair of hands.

The first few months will be tiring, and it can be tough, but it will all be worth it and does get easier as time goes on. Take time to enjoy your babies as they won’t be babies for long and it is important to appreciate their first years.

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