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Which home comforts should you take to support your childbirth experience?

Many expectant parents will pack their hospital bag a couple of months ahead of the due date; around 32-35 weeks. By 28 weeks it is a good idea to start considering what to put in your bag and making a list, this way you can get organised and purchase any necessities which you may not already have. In the hustle and bustle of preparing the necessary essentials for your newborn, it can be easy to skip past items that you could well benefit from personally. So, to ensure you don’t leave anything that you’ll be needing behind, we have listed the products you won’t want to be forgetting:

packing hospital bag

Pyjamas and a Robe

After you’ve given birth, you will be surely wanting to get out of your hospital gown and into something a little comfier. Make sure to pack some comfy pyjama bottoms or sweatpants and for the top half, a robe is the best option as it keeps you covered but allows the nurses access to check on your recovery. Make sure to throw in some comfy slippers in too!


You’re definitely not going to want to forget the camera, you’ll be wanting to capture every moment. Make sure you bring the charger or some extra batteries to be on the safe side.


After giving birth, putting a face of make up on may not be at the top of your list of things to do but you may want to be able to freshen up for visitors or give yourself a little pamper. Make sure to pack the little things like some face wipes or make up remover and a moisturiser alongside a lip balm and some deodorant or body spray.

Delivery Kit

Your delivery kit comprises of the little bits that you want to help get you through labour; they should be at the top of your bag for easy access. This should include things like an iPod if you want to listen to music, massage or essential oils or anything you want to relax you. Distractions such as a book or magazine are also good additions.

Nursing Bras

If you’re wanting to breastfeed, you need to make sure you pack a couple of nursing bras; you’ll be grateful you brought them. You may want to include some other little necessities such as muslin squares to aid when breastfeeding also.


You likely won’t be able to eat during labour but afterwards you really deserve a treat, so pack some of your favourite things. Any of your favourite snacks or chocolate will be very welcome after giving birth.

Phone and Chargers

You’ll want to make sure you have your phone on you, to be able to keep friends and family up to date and to announce the arrival of your baby. Don’t forget the chargers, you don’t want to run out of battery at a crucial moment!

Going Home outfits for you and baby

You’re going to want to make sure both yourself and your baby has a going home outfit. For baby, pack them a comfy outfit and a nice blanket for the car ride home. For yourself, you’re going to want to be casual and comfortable; usually the maternity clothes you wore at 6 months pregnant are a good go to for coming home from the hospital as they should fit comfortably.

Important Documents

You probably won’t need to take your entire handbag and purse, but it is a good idea to make sure you have a little cash on you and your ID or any other important documents you need including things such as your birth plan.

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