How to Remove a Maxi Cosi Car Seat From the Base in a Few Simple Steps

Maxi Cosi are leading specialists in child mobility, so we’re eager to share all there is to know about the ISOFIX bases used to fit their car seats. For some parents, particularly new ones, it can be confusing to learn car seat regulations, safety features and how to use the different car seats. We’ve decided to put all that information about Maxi Cosi car seats in one place to make it a little bit easier for you.

Here, we have provided you with a guide to ISOFIX bases for Maxi Cosi car seats, how to remove the car seat from the base as well as handy information about the car seats. Some Maxi Cosi car seats are designed only to be used with an ISOFIX base, so we tell you all about this too. You can then make an informed decision and feel confident using your chosen car seat from the first trip out with your precious new baby.


You may or may not be familiar with ISOFIX bases. It’s likely that if you’re a new parent, you haven’t heard of it; after all, why would you? Unless you have close friends with young children or young family members who have told you all about ISOFIX, you probably haven’t heard of it before. 

So, before explaining how to remove your car seat from the base, it’s a good idea to understand what the base is for and what ISOFIX does so you clearly understand its purpose. ISOFIX is really easy to use and makes travelling with a little one even safer. 

What is the car seat base used for? 

A car seat base for any car seat is compatible with ISOFIX, an international standardised car seat fitting system. With ISOFIX, the risk of installing your car seat reduces significantly compared to fitting the car seat into a vehicle using just the vehicle seat belt. 

ISOFIX automatically locks your car seat or car seat base onto two metal clips called ISOFIX fixing points between the back vehicle seat of your car. Maxi Cosi offers an ISOFIX solution for every car seat stage, including baby, toddler and child. 

Does my car have ISOFIX?

It’s highly likely that your car has ISOFIX, yes. ISOFIX is standard in new cars as of 2006, and it became a legal requirement for cars to be made with ISOFIX points in 2014. These days, at least 60% of all European cars have ISOFIX, so there is a big chance that yours will have it too. 

The best way to find out is to check your car’s user manual or if your car has the ISOFIX logo at the base of the back seat. You can also feel around for it as some ISOFIX points are hidden away. If you can’t see them, put your hand between the backrest and base of the back seat and feel for two metal hooks about the width of a car seat. 

Do I need a car seat base? 

Some of the benefits of using ISOFIX include: 

  • Increased probability of fitting your car seat correctly and safely 
  • It creates a rigid and sturdy connection between the vehicle and the car seat or base
  • Easier installation
  • It reduces the chance of your precious little one being affected by a collision 
  • Some bases even have a rotating mechanism, meaning you can turn the car seat towards you, making getting your baby in and out easier. 

While car seat regulations don’t state that you have to use ISOFIX, many parents choose to because it’s safer and easier. However, you can fit your car seat into the car using the seat belt, and as long as you fit the car seat properly, it will still be safe. 

Some Maxi Cosi toddler and children’s car seats have integrated ISOFIX bases, so you don’t need a separate base to use ISOFIX points. Find some examples of these car seats further down in this guide. 

How to fit a Maxi Cosi car seat base

  1. Extend the ISOFIX points on the base using the indicators on either side of the car seat. The ISOFIX points are the yellow metal points
  2. Extend the leg of the base
  3. Place the base on the car seat
  4. Push the ISOFIX points on the car seat base into the ISOFIX points in the vehicle until you hear a click
  5. Ensure the leg of the base is firm against the car’s footwell
  6. Use the base’s colour indicators to tell you if it has been fitted correctly
  7. Your baby car seat will clip into place when placed on top. 

How to remove a Maxi Cosi car seat from the base

It’s super simple to release a Maxi Cosi car seat from a detachable ISOFIX base in just two basic steps. Here you will find information on the different car seats that Maxi Cosi do, which ISOFIX base they’re compatible with and how to remove the seat from the base. 

CabrioFix i-Size Car Seat 

The CabrioFix i-Size car seat is a brilliant starter car seat that’s suitable from birth to around 15 months old and is the perfect way to start journeying with your baby right from day one. The new and improved CarbrioFix meets the highest safety i-Size standards, so you can be sure that your precious passenger is always travelling with maximum safety. CabrioFix car seat is the perfect partner for our CarbrioFix i-Size ISOFIX base, allowing for easy and secure installation. 

To remove the car seat from the base:

  1. Pull the lever on the back of the ISOFIX base. This can be located near the leg side of the base. 
  2. Use the carry handle to lift the car seat off the base 

Pebble 360 car seat

Pebble 360 car seat is suitable from birth up to around 15 months. This beautiful and unique car seat offers maximum comfort, convenience and safety from day one. It rotates super smoothly with only one hand, using the FamilyFix 360 PRO base. The Pebble keeps your mini passenger cosy when in their car seat with the removable baby-hugg inlay to keep them snug. 

This car seat can be removed from the base as it’s compatible with other Maxi Cosi Strollers and can be fastened to a vehicle with a seat belt. To remove the Pebble 360 from the car seat base: 

  1. Use the slide-out manoeuvre to bring the car seat closer to you and to face you
  2. Pull the grey lever at the front of the base to release
  3. Use the carry handle to lift the car seat off the base 

Other Maxi Cosi car seats

Some Maxi Cosi car seats are designed to have an integrated base or ISOFIX connectors, and others can only be used in a vehicle with a base. 

Pearl 360 PRO car seat 

The Pearl 360 PRO car seat is a very popular, long-lasting car seat designed to grow with your baby as it’s suitable from around 3 months to 4 years or from birth with the newborn inlay (sold separately). Compatible with the FamilyFix 360 PRO base, you can easily rotate and slide your baby into their seat without hurting your back or having to reach over awkwardly. 

The base not only rotates so you can have the seat facing you when you’re putting your baby in or getting them out, but it even slides out towards you so it’s even more gentle on your back. Using the base means you’ll know the seat is safe and secure for every journey.

In the case of this car seat and its sister seat, the Pearl 360, it can only be used with the use of the brilliant FamilyFix 360 PRO base, so it shouldn’t be used with only a vehicle seat belt to secure it. Take advantage of the brilliant rotating and slide technology when the two are combined for safe and convenient travelling. 

Mica Pro Eco Car Seat

The Mica Pro Eco car seat is suitable from birth to 4 years, making it a perfect long-lasting piece of travel equipment. Not only is this car seat built to the highest i-Size safety standards, but it combines best-in-class comfort with planet-friendly innovation and 100% recycled fabrics to create the first sustainable car seat of its kind. 

The innovative Mica Pro has a smart rotating base system that enables easy rotation using only one hand, making getting your child in and out far easier. There’s no need to buy an ISOFIX base for this car seat as it already comes with it and cannot be used without it. 

RodiFix PRO i-Size Car Seat 

The RodiFix PRO i-Size car seat grows with your child from 3.5 to 12 years. This comfortable car seat has multiple reclining positions, offering a relaxing ride for your little darling. Made with i-Size safety standards and extra high side wings to maximise side impact protection, you can feel confident that you’ve chosen a safe car seat for your precious passenger. This car seat has integrated ISOFIX connectors, so there’s no need for an additional base. 

So there you have it, everything you need to know about Maxi Cosi car seats and their compatible bases, including how to fit and remove them and which car seats don’t need a base. Hopefully, this will give you more confidence when choosing a car seat and base, and you’ll know how to use it from the very first go. 

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