When to Remove the Cybex Newborn Insert From a Car Seat?


Cybex car seats are well known for their excellent quality and outstanding safety features, and their car seats are no different. With a Cybex i-Size car seat, you get a newborn insert which is perfect for making sure your little brand-new bundle of joy is safe and sound and comfortable in their car seat for every journey. 

We’re here to discuss the Cybex car seat range, their stand-out features and talk about the newborn insert and car seat accessories. Here you will find out how easy it is to remove the newborn insert and when it is safe to do so. 

Cybex car seats 

Let’s start off by having a deeper look into what Cyber car seats are and how they can benefit you and your most precious cargo. Cybex takes a fresh approach to car seats that adapt perfectly to the urban lifestyle, and they’re constantly evolving to meet the demands of the modern parent. Cybex has a lovely range of car seats that range right from newborn to 12 years old. 

Cybex is also well known as a fashion brand because of the fresh, unique, and beautiful look of its baby products. Cybex car seats are stunning and available in various colours, including vibrant autumn red, midnight blue, black and grey, so there’s something to suit everyone’s style. 

What is a newborn insert?

i-Size newborn Cybex car seats like the Cybex Aton B2 and the Cybex Cloud Z2 come with a newborn insert when you buy the car seat on its own or as part of a pushchair bundle

A Cybex newborn inlay allows a baby to fit inside the car seat snugly. Your precious baby will be protected in the ergonomically correct position for sitting and travelling in their car seat. The newborn insert is suitable for babies that are 45cm upwards. 

You can remove your newborn insert when your baby reaches 61cm, which will be around 3 months old. This is to make sure your growing wriggler has enough space in the car seat to be safe and comfortable. 

How to remove a Cybex newborn insert 

To remove the newborn inlay once your baby gets too big for it: 

  1. Loosen the straps fully 
  2. Unclip the buckle 
  3. Slide off the shoulder pads
  4. Pull the newborn inlay out of the seat whilst threading the straps through the slots
  5. Reinsert the shoulder pads
  6. Fasten the buckle and tighten it as normal
  7. And it’s as easy as that! 

Cybex Accessories 

As well as a newborn insert for your Cybex i-Size car seat, Cybex do other accessories to keep your little angel as comfortable and as safe as possible in the car seat and in their Cybex pushchair. 

Cybex newborn nest

The Cybex newborn nest in black allows even the smallest of passengers to ride safe and sound in a pushchair wrapped in secure softness. Add the newborn nest to your pushchair for safety and comfort from birth, and it can be adapted as your child grows right up until 3 years old. 

The nest has a supporting head cushion and extra protective padding, promising an ergonomic lying position. Designed to fit practically any pushchair, not just Cybex, the newborn nest protects your little one so that you can stroll with peace of mind. 

Cybex platinum winter footmuff

The Cybex platinum winter footmuff is a great winter accessory for when your baby reaches 6 months old. Allow your little one to experience the magic of winter in their pushchair at the height of comfort. This Cybex accessory is a must-have to keep your baby warm and toasty during the coldest months of the year, for snowy city days out of a stroll in the frosty park. 

The Cybex winter footmuff features soft down filling for a supremely cosy TOG 6 warmth rating. Its stylish performance fabrics have an elegant appeal while protecting against first and water. 

We hope you have found our post interesting today and learned a little more about what Cybex car seats have to offer, what the newborn insert is for and how to use it, as well as some other useful accessories available for your gorgeous little angel when they’re out and about in their pushchair.

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